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Toki questions her grandmother, Eva; a time magic master, about the Moebius Loop effect. She reveals that this has happened before to a princess in the past, and she was only able to have a happy marriage by obtaining a set of artifacts…

… the token. The token contains a time of day clock and a unique seed value, and the number displayed is a cryptographic hash of the seed value and the time of day. The computer which is being accessed also contains the same algorithm and is…

Toilet seat covers are generally held in a dispenser, allowing the users to access one cover at a time, without making unnecessary contact with additional toilet seat covers.

… in Championship football, even though most of his playing was done at a time when all teams could expect a lot less matches than they do now.

Tohi represented Tonga at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. He competed at the 100 metres sprint and placed 7th in his heat without advancing to the second round. He ran the distance in a time of 11.17 seconds.

Tohari’s second novel, Kubah was written in two months and based on the events surrounding the Communist Party and the 30 September Movement coup in 1965. Published in 1980 by Pustaka Jaya, Kubah came at a time when literary works with…

… three of them making a profit of HK$800,000 at a time when the government was trying to cool real estate property prices in 2010.

Together with former Prime Minister John Major, former Chancellor Kenneth Clarke, and Hague’s successor Iain Duncan Smith, Hague served for a time on the Conservative Leadership Council, which was set up by Michael Howard upon his election unopposed as Leader of the Conservative Party in 2003.

Together with fellow Egmont editor Lars Bergström Stefan Printz-Påhlson also created a series of albums where Donald Duck and Huey, Dewey and Louie travel back and forth in a time machine Gyro Gearloose has invented. The albums have been published in Scandinavia, Germany, Poland and Russia.

… of the teams from the Netherlands and Brazil. Their time of 38.52 s was the third fastest out of sixteen participating nations in the first round and they qualified for the final. There they sprinted to a time of 38.15 seconds, placing…

… semifinal. Two years later, she won another silver medal in the 4 x 400 metres relay event at the 2007 World Championships in Athletics, this time with Shereefa Lloyd, Davita Prendagast and Novlene Williams. The team set a national record in that race, finishing second to the United States in a time of 3:19.73.

… an associated fort, was for a time at the northern extent of Spanish power, serving as a bulwark against the Guale people to the north.

… (6.24 secs). There was a time he was mistakenly credited with the world record in the 55 meters, after his hand time of 5.81 secs was mistakenly recorded as electronic time.

Together with Kevin Gildea and Barry Murphy, O’Hanlon founded the International Comedy Cellar, upstairs in the International Bar on Dublin’s South Wicklow Street. Dublin had no comedy scene at the time. As a stand up, O’Hanlon won the Hackney Empire New Act of the Year competition in 1994. For a time he was the presenter of The Stand Up Show.

… of all sixteen teams participating in the first round and they qualified for the final. Armstrong was replaced by Emmanuel Callender for the final race and they sprinted to a time of 38.06 s, the second time after the Jamaican team, winning the silver medal.

… best non-directly qualifying time and the sixth time overall out of sixteen participating nations. With this result they qualified for the final in which they replaced Osazuwa with Halimat Ismaila. They sprinted to a time of 43.04 seconds, a third place and a bronze medal behind Russia and Belgium.

Together with Duchene’s Sixth Army, Humbert’s large Third Army, a cavalry corps, and an extra infantry corps, First Army made up Fayolle’s Reserve Army Group, which moved to hold the gap between British and French forces during the German March Offensive (which began on 21 March). The remnants of the British Fifth Army were also placed under Fayolle for a time.

Policy and the Clare Boothe Luce Fund. She is also a member of the Philadelphia Society and she was, for a time, its president. She is also a senior fellow at the Institute of Religion and Public Life. She is one of the signatories to Statement…

Together with Arne Naess then husband to Diana Ross, Fear created the first major workers’ accommodation for the new Channel Tunnel Project in Capel-le-Ferne, Kent at a time of high unemployment, which housed three hundred unemployed men…

Together with Alfred D. Robinson she co-founded the San Diego Floral Association in 1907; it is the oldest garden club in Southern California. The garden club was influential in teaching San Diegans how to grow ornamental and edible plants, at a time when most San Diego landscaping consisted of dirt and sagebrush.

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