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…Ẕāmi Kalay is a town located in Zabol Province, Afghanistan in the Shinkay District. The population is around 1,657 people living there. The town is near Qalat.

…Țicleni is a town in Gorj County, Romania.

…Ștei (Vaskohsziklás) is a town in Bihor County, western Transylvania, Romania. Between 1958 and 1996, it was named Dr. Petru Groza, after the Romanian socialist leader who had died in 1958.

…Șomcuta Mare (Nagysomkút; Großhorn) is a town in Maramureş County, Romania. The town administers seven villages: Buciumi (Törökfalu), Buteasa (Bucsonfalva), Ciolt (Csolt), Codru Butesii (Kodrulytelep), Finteușu Mare (Nagyfentős), Hovrila (Hávord) and Vălenii Șomcutei (Somkútpataka). It was declared a town in 2004.

…Žďár nad Sázavou District (Okres Žďár nad Sázavou in Czech) is a district (okres) within the Vysočina Region (Vysočina) of the Czech Republic. Its capital is Žďár nad Sázavou, a town of 24,000 inhabitants built on the river Sázava. The…

…Žvingiai is a town in Šilalė district municipality, Tauragė County, Lithuania. According to the 2011 census, the town has a population of 195 people.

…Živinice is a town and municipality in northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, located south of Tuzla. It is part of the Tuzla Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

…Židikai (Samogitian: Žėdėkā) is a town in Mažeikiai district municipality, Lithuania. It is located 21 km west of Mažeikiai. Židikai is the centre of Židikai elderate. Židikai’s Jewish community perished in World War II. However, the…

…Žiar nad Hronom (Heiligenkreuz, Garamszentkereszt, until 1920 Svätý Kríž and until 1955 Svätý Kríž nad Hronom) is a town in Banská Bystrica Region, Slovakia.

…Žepče is a town and municipality in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, located between Doboj and Zenica. It is administratively part of the Zenica-Doboj Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

…Žepa (Cyrillic: Жепа) is a town in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the municipality of Rogatica, in the Republika Srpska entity. It is located northeast of Rogatica itself, southwest of Srebrenica and northwest of Višegrad. It lies on the small river Žepa that flows into the Drina river nearby, in a valley between the mountains Javor and Devetak.

…Žemaičių Naumiestis is a town in Klaipėda county, Šilutė district municipality. It is located in western Lithuania between Klaipėda and Kaliningrad Oblast. The rivers Šustis, Šelmuo and Lendra flow through the town.

…Želva is a town in Ukmergė district municipality, Vilnius County, east Lithuania. According to the Lithuanian census of 2011, the town has a population of 457 people.

…Želiezovce (Zselíz, (formerly) Zseliz, (til 1895) Zeliz, Zeléz, Zelis (rare)) is a town in Slovakia in the Nitra Region, in the Levice District, near the Hron river.

…Žeimelis (formerly: Zaumel) is a town in northern Lithuania, 40 km to the north from Pakruojis, near the border with Latvia. It is a centre of an elderate. According to a census in 2011, Žeimelis had 953 residents.

…Ždírec nad Doubravou is a town in Havlíčkův Brod District in the Vysočina Region of the Czech Republic.

…Ždánice (German Steinitz) is a town in Hodonín District in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic.

…Žarėnai (Samogitian: Žarienā) is a town in Telšiai County, Lithuania. According to the 2011 census, the town has a population of 499 people.

…Žarnovica (Scharnowitz; Zsarnóca) is a town and municipality in the Žarnovica District, Banská Bystrica Region in Slovakia. The town is situated in the Hron river valley. As of 2005, it had a population of 6,501 people.

…Żurrieq (Iż-Żurrieq) is a town in the Southern Region of Malta. It is one of the oldest towns in the country, and it has a population of 11,823 inhabitants as of March 2014. The first documentation about it being a parish dates back to…

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