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…Šiauliai has always been a major intersection. The famous Saulės battle took place near a trade route from Riga to Bubiai and Tauragė.In 1836-1858 Riga-Sovetsk highway was built near it. About 1912, first cars appeared on city’s streets.

… century the town remained a small settlement on a trade route between the provinces of Masovia and Silesia. In the 16th century the town had fewer than 800 inhabitants, mostly working on the surrounding grain farms.

… the English Crown in the first decade of the century. According to the twelfth-century Gesta regum Anglorum, the English imposed a trade embargo against Muirchertach at some point during the reign of Henry I. Whilst it is possible that this…

Minister of Education, Science and Culture accompanied the president and Iceland’s first lady on trip. Also attending were members of the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Presidential Office, as well as a trade delegation.

…Élie Domota (born in 1963) is a trade union leader from Guadeloupe, spokesman of Liyannaj Kont Pwofitasyon or LKP (« Movement against exploitation » in creole) and general secretary of the UGTG, the main trade union in Guadeloupe. He was the leading figure in the general strike in Guadeloupe which started on January 20, 2009.

…Éditions L’Harmattan, usually known simply as L’Harmattan, is one of the largest French book publishers. It specialises in non-fiction books with a particular focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. It is named after the Harmattan, a trade wind in West Africa.

…Ærøskøbing is a town in central Denmark, located in Ærø Municipality on the island of Ærø. The suffix -købing means a trade town in the languages that derive from Old Norse.

Zuckerman served as the executive director of the Gowanus Canal Community Development Corporation (GCCDC) and the Gowanus Canal Conservancy, and took leave to run full-time for City Council. Prior to running the GCCDC and GCC, Bob served for two years as the Executive Director of the Greenwich Village-Chelsea Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Zuckerman has served as the Executive Director of the New York Nightlife Association, a trade association representing the hospitality industry. In…

Zondervan is planning to release a trade edition of The Books of the Bible in the fall of 2012.

Zniber began his career in wine-making in 1956, when he purchased 740 hectares in Ait Harz Allah. Meanwhile, he joined the board of directors of the regional chapter of the Crédit agricole du Maroc. By 1958, he founded the Union marocaine de l’agriculture, a trade organization for Moroccan agriculture.

Zisha is a mixture of kaolin, quartz and mica, with a high content of iron oxide. It is mined principally at Huanglongshan and Zhaozhuangshan and has a somewhat sandy texture. The process of preparing the clay is lengthy and was traditionally regarded as a trade secret. Typical firing temperature is between 1100C – 1200C in an oxidizing atmosphere.

Zilinskiene frequently engages in government and media briefings, as well as forums organised by multinational companies. In 2006, Zilinskiene organised a trade mission with over 20 delegates from multinational organisations such as…

Zezel’s career ended abruptly at the trade deadline late in the 1998-99 season. Zezel’s niece Jilliann was terminally ill with cancer in Toronto and he requested a trade from the Canucks (who were far out of the playoff race) to an Eastern…

Zenzōsen, also known as Zen Nihon Zōsen Kikai Rōdō Kumiai or the All-Japan Shipbuilding and Engineering Union, is a trade union in Japan, representing workers in the ship-building and ship repair industry. Zenzōsen was established in…

… the revolution of 1890. He also faced claims from France over the expulsion of a ship of that flag from Argentine territorial waters. As a result, he signed a trade and navigation agreement with that country in 1892.

Soviet controller Jack Soble. Zborowski spied on the Dallins and helped the NKVD search for Victor Kravchenko, a Soviet engineer and mid-level bureaucrat who defected from a trade mission in 1944. Kravchenko published a book, I Chose…

… his older brother George was operating an auto repair shop. After Frank attended a trade school in Chicago, he and his younger brother Lawrence opened an electrical supply business in 1922 in the Los Angeles suburb of Hynes (now part of…

Yulii was home schooled by his Estonian housekeeper, hired by his father, who taught him German. At the age of eleven, he began attending regular school. In Saint Petersburg, he went to attend a trade school which he completed at the age of fifteen and found work at a local mechanical workshop where he learned how to operate various machinery.

Young later became part of an advertising campaign for Seyfert’s and at one point was named to a trade delegation from Fort Wayne that toured the Far East.

… at a trade show. Nintendo purchased the rights for the game, and packaged it with the Game Boy system. It was almost an immediate hit. By the end of the year more than a million units were sold in the US. As of March 31, 2005, the Game Boy and Game Boy Color combined to sell over 118 million units worldwide.

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