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… was killed in disputed circumstances by US forces while traveling on a trail in the Ba Tơ jungle in the Quảng Ngãi Province of south-central Vietnam. Her wartime diaries, which chronicle the last two years of her life, attracted international attention following their publication in 2005.

Zeke decides to re-open the case after he gets a call from Patti’s parents asking if he has seen her since she went missing. Zeke investigates and follows a trail that leads him to the kidnappers where he finds Lizzie, Patti, and DC bound…

… pair split up to try to pick up a trail, but Yoder disturbs a nest of Dilophosaurus eggs in the process, causing the mother to attack. He manages to hold the creature off long enough for Oscar to arrive and drive it away. At the same time,…

… animals, as they can knock people off the mountain if standing on the downhill edge of a trail. Other animals in the region include the Himalayan tahr which is sometimes eaten by the snow leopard. The Himalayan black bear can be found up to…

… directly with youth to facilitate wilderness travel experiences, as well as in-camp support staff. Support staff include a Trips Coordinator who manages equipment and travel logistics, a Trail Department coordinator who oversees the packing…

… would leave behind a trail of destruction in the places he passed by, and the people of Guanzhong were greatly disappointed with him.

Park in Silver Spring. In the same year, a half mile of trail was built in Takoma Park, Maryland from the District line to Montgomery College. It was later paved in January 2006. A 100 foot long section of a trail south of Ripley Street was…

… residents displaying sexist attitudes. To combat this, in 1991, the University Council decided to change the halls into mixed-sex accommodation in an attempt to ‘civilise the men’. A trail period with both sexes was attempted and was successful. Women were admitted permanently despite protests from some residents.

Wolf Pond is located north of Stillwater, New York. Fish species present in the lake are brook trout, brown bullhead, and sunfish. There is a trail leading to the lake from Cage Lake on the east shore. No motors are allowed on Wolf Pond.

… tower to the spring into a trail that would remain within state land down the mountain’s never-logged northwestern slope to a new trailhead, avoiding the closed road. When all these efforts were complete, in 2000, the Red Hill tower became the first of the restored Catskill fire towers to be reopened to the public.

With these recent accomplishments, the University of the East Chorale is blazing a trail of its own, adding awards and accolades to its achievements and proving their mettle in the national and now, in the international choral arena.

… trail. Roughly 150 end-to-end the (much shorter) Long Trail, and about 180 thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail each year. Some dedicated thru-hikers complete a trail more than once; about 30 have reported hiking the AT at least three times. Lee Barry became the oldest to thru-hike the AT when he completed a thru-hike (his second) in 2004 at age 81.

… pace car to clear ahead. United States Auto Club (USAC) official Don Bailey was driving the Corvette pace car, which was entering turn four. At the entrance of turn three, Goodyear and Villeneuve both accelerated, leaving a trail of tire…

With credit enrollment of over 2,000 students, recently established programs in Hospitality Management and Digital Media, and an FAA-approved Aviation Maintenance Technology program in partnership with FedEx Express®, ASU Mid-South continues to blaze a trail in meeting regional higher education needs.

… by his good friend Lewis. Harding scaled the ranks quickly, for his style was much more suited to the professional ranks as opposed to the amateur criteria.Harding quickly went into World Title calculations after leaving behind him a trail of…

Access by trail from the north shore of Stillwater Reservoir. No motors are allowed on Witchhopple Lake. There is a trail that goes from Witchhopple Lake to Negro Lake called Bushwhack Trail.

… the street from the lower parking lot, below Whisper Run. Two new trails were added at this time, one being a glade trail called Whataride Glades, and another being a trail called Windfall. Since then, two new trails have been added: Wolf’s Prey prior to the 2014/15 ski season, and Wildcat prior to the 2015/16 ski season.

Willis Creek is a creek in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in southern Utah. The creek runs through a wash which in some sections narrows to become a slot canyon. The creek is popular with hikers as the stream is generally 1-2 inches deep and a trail runs the length of the creek. The end of the creek is dry.

… improved and further cut a trail from the end of the Hopper Road to the summit. Today this route is the Hopper Trail, traditionally climbed by students once a year on Mountain Day.

William Pryer Monument (Malay: Tugu Peringatan William Pryer) is a monument that stand in the Malaysian town of Sandakan as a memory of the founder, William Burgess Pryer. It is part of the Sandakan Heritage Trails, a trail which connects all the historic sights in Sandakan.

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