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Zöller was a tremendous supporter of new music and commissioned flute concerti from several composers. These included new works by Siegfried Matthus, Diether de la Motte, Manfred Trojahn and Isang Yun.

… response will therefore be precisely as theoretically predicted. This is a tremendous advantage where high quality lines with flat frequency responses are desired.

Zen calligraphy is practiced by Buddhist monks and most shodō practitioners. To write Zen calligraphy with mastery, one must clear one’s mind and let the letters flow out of themselves, not practice and make a tremendous effort. This state…

a tremendous response from the college community, Zeb and Haniya recorded a rough version of Chup and another song titled Yaad with Mekaal Hasan (of Mekaal Hasan Band). Once again, the response was remarkable. The songs were a hit. They spread on the internet and soon found their way onto Pakistan’s City FM 89 radio waves.

ZeNITh 2015 was a tremendous success with competitors from NIT Pondicherry, NIT Warangal, NIT Surathkal and NIT- Trichy. It was a well-contested event with questions from topics as varied as sports, politics and current affairs. The prelims held in each of the participating NITs all received a very active response.

ZAEC’s Complete Academic Secondary Course was given government recognition. There was a tremendous increase in enrollment and to accommodate the enrollees, ZAEC left the Mendoza Building and moved to its new home (its present location), the city campus.

… goal. Yong has also shown a tremendous performance on his first appearance in the SEA Games helping the Malaysia national team to wins 4-1 against Cambodia.

… wife, also had a tremendous sexual appetite, which eventually led to her demise after getting kicked out by Yi who had caught her red handed carrying on an adultery with one of their house servants. Yi’s daughter was equally as infamously arrogant and lecherous as to disregard her husband, take up a separate residency and fool around with countless men.

Yet, faced by the two deadliest German pilots, Nash fought a tremendous battle. He twisted and turned, looking for openings, but at last Allmenröder got in a telling burst, and Nash’s controls were damaged. He fell out of the fight and managed to land safely – but behind the enemy lines, where he destroyed his plane before he was captured.

Guardian of the Universe Rami, the creator of the Phantom Ring and the first seven Green Lanterns Rings and Volthoom’s former-old friend, and after a tremendous fight he trapped Rami’s essence in an energy sphere and took possession of Rami’s own body. Now under the guise of Rami, he plans on training Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz for his own agenda.

Earth. Cecil meets with him, and afterwards it’s shown that Cecil’s adapted the methods of his predecessor, despite his previous attitude towards them, and has known the whole time that Nolan has not been truthful of his intentions on Earth, but lets him go on because, although he might be lying, he’s a tremendous asset to the protection of the planet.

Yazd’s confectioneries have a tremendous following throughout Iran and have been a source of tourism for the city. Confectioners workshops (khalifehs, or experts) keep their recipes a guarded secret, and there are many that have remained a private family business for many generations. Baklava, ghotab and pashmak are the most popular sweets made in the city.

World War I caused a tremendous scarcity of the materials needed for the brass and iron bed business and badly affected all metal bed makers in the world. After the death of his wife Anna in 1916 of pneumonia, Chas turned over the company…

Without her powers, Troi suffers a tremendous sense of loss, and goes through several classic psychological stages including denial, fear and anger. Ultimately, despite the reassurances of her friends, she resigns as ship’s counselor, believing that without her empathic abilities, she cannot perform her duties.

… history. With the addition of McCall real estate worth an estimated $6 million that the company retained ownership of, he later sold McCall at a 90-1 return, resulting in a tremendous profit for investors. Lewis’s share was 81.7 percent of the $90 million.

With time Sana learned and possessed an ability to evaluate and note both the merits and flaws of each film. Later on this habit has become his solid foundation upon which he build a successful film career with talent, tenacity and a tremendous work ethic.

With their new manager and signings, Hearts got off to a tremendous start in the 2005 – 06 season. The team won their first eight league matches, equaling a club record set in 1914. Romanov increased his shareholding in Hearts to 55.5% on…

With the widespread use of the internet since the late 1990s, there is a tremendous potential for health-related films to be made available, free at the point of need, over the internet. Moreover, the 21st century sees an expanding…

With the start of the Second Sino-Japanese War, there was a tremendous need for air transport capability by the Japanese military, which had traditionally drawn on the resources of the civilian national flag carrier, Japan Air Transport,…

With the passing of Bruce Lynn of Belcher on September 28, farmer, family man, politician and a tremendous voice for agriculture, we will always have a void to fill as Bruce represented our part of Louisiana and agriculture in his positive…

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