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… with the Song by sending a tribute mission to demonstrate his fealty to the Chinese Emperor. Emperor Taizu of Song subsequently recognized the Viet ruler as Giao Chỉ Quận Vương (King of Giao Chi), a title which expressed a theoretical…

Zé Ramalho da Paraíba is a compilation of rare songs by Brazilian solo artist Zé Ramalho in 2008. Most of the tracks were recorded live, in a time they were still unknown. Avôhai (a tribute to Ramalho’s grandfather), for example, was performed only three days after his death (as said in the beginning of the song), but became a hit single years after.

Zé Ramalho canta Luiz Gonzaga is the third tribute album by Brazilian solo artist Zé Ramalho. This time, he pays a tribute to his influence Luiz Gonzaga, one of the most well-known artist of the forró music.

Zé Ramalho Canta Jackson do Pandeiro is the fourth tribute album by Brazilian solo artist Zé Ramalho, the third consecutive one. This time, he pays a tribute to his influence Jackson do Pandeiro.

Zé Ramalho Canta Beatles is the fifth tribute album by Brazilian solo artist Zé Ramalho, and the fourth consecutive one. This time, he pays a tribute to The Beatles, including six tracks from all members’ solo careers. The album cover is inspired by the cover of their With The Beatles album.

Zura celebrates his goals by donning a blue Spider-Man style wrestling mask as a tribute to Otilino Tenorio who was killed in a car accident. His brother Rommel Zura is also a professional footballer and playing for Emelec.

Zonshine also produced the concert film George Fest which was a tribute concert to former Beatle George Harrison, held at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on 28 September 2014. Among the many performers were Brian Wilson and Al Jardine of…

Zion is a concept album written and performed by the guitarist Phil Keaggy as a tribute to the master guitarmaker Ken Hoover at Zion guitars. Though Ken is being racked by a progressively destructive disease, unable to handcraft guitars himself, he still works at the Zion guitars workshop.

Ziegfeld died on July 22, 1932, but the series returned from February 22 to June 6, 1936, serving as a tribute to the showman. Goodman returned as orchestra leader, and Brice appeared in the sketch series that eventually expanded into The Baby Snooks Show. Other guests included Patty Chapin, James Melton, and Benny Fields. Few episodes survive.

Zheng (T: 鄭, S: 郑, P: Zhèng, W: Cheng) – A tribute student (a provincial examinee), Zheng is trying to get the affections of Li Wa. In the original story Student Zheng is only known by his family name and his hometown, Xingyang, Henan. In…

Zhang also worked with cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao. They collaborated on a tribute piece to Japanese artist and illustrator Yoshitaka Amano.

Rivera, Witchcraft-Boots: A Tribute to the Sin-Atras, and Love Conquers All increasingly covered magical and mythological themes related to the couple’s use of sound as a magical tool. From 1990-1993, Radio Werewolf toured only in Europe, and were based in Vienna, Austria, where percussionist Christophe D. and viola player Vladimir Rosinski joined the group.

… the world’s first Fairtrade olive oil, a tribute to the hard work of the Palestinian producers and processors with whom they work.

Zatanna is one of the most powerful sorceresses in the DC universe, whose abilities are apparently genetic. As a tribute to her father and as a focal point, she usually casts spells by speaking verbal commands backwards. She has proven…

Zander has appeared as a guest on albums by artists such as Mötley Crüe, The Posies, Foreigner, Scotty Moore and DJ Fontana, and he has contributed vocals to tribute albums such as The Art of McCartney, Stone Cold Queen: A Tribute, Nashville Outlaws: A Tribute to Mötley Crüe alongside country singer Cassadee Pope and Sin-Atra.

Zajdel paid a tribute to George Orwell’s newspeak and to Aldous Huxley, by naming one of the main characters Nikor Orley Huxwell.

Za sve ove godine is the second studio album by the Sarajevo-based Bosnian pop rock band Crvena Jabuka, released in 1987. It is a tribute album to Drazen Ricl-Zijo and Aljosa Buha who were killed the year before.

ZZ Top: A Tribute from Friends is the fourth tribute album to honor American rock band ZZ Top. It includes performances from Daughtry, Nickelback, Wolfmother, Filter and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith among others.

… and young adults. The company became involved with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in 2002 as a tribute to their mother, Shirley Zeiden, who died from the disease that year. To date, they have donated more that half a million dollars to…

Yugoton is a tribute to the former Yugoslav music scene. Even its very title is a nod to the Yugoslav record industry, specifically its largest and most prominent publicly owned record label Jugoton. It features cover versions of eminent…

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