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Tokoname ware (Tokoname-yaki) refers to a type of Japanese pottery, stoneware, and ceramics produced in and around the municipality of Tokoname, Aichi, in central Japan. Tokoname was the location of one of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan.

Tokkudu Billa (Telugu:తొక్కుడుబిళ్ళ లేక తంగిడి బిళ్ళ) is a type of Hopscotch played by girls in rural villages of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It is also played as Kunte Bille in Karnataka. Girls play this recreational sport by hopping on…

Token economies is a behaviour therapy technique where clients are reinforced with tokens that are considered a type of currency that can be used to purchase desired rewards, like being able to watch television or getting a snack that they…

Tokari geet is a type of Assamese folk song sung playing a Tokari. Earlier it was called Tokari naam. It is so called because a tokari is played while singing it. A tokari is a single stringed musical instrument played with the fingers; a kind of guitar.

Toilet humour, or scatological humour, is a type of off-colour humour dealing with defecation, urination and flatulence, and to a lesser extent vomiting and other body functions. It sees substantial crossover with sexual humour, such as dick jokes.

Tohax (тоқаш, токоч, توغاچ, Тоғач, Samarqand noni/Самарқанд нони), also known as toqach or toghach, is a type of tandoor bread. It is consumed within the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China, as well as in many regions of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan).

Together with the twelve other true lemurs (genus Eulemur), the collared brown lemur (E. collaris) is a type of lemur belonging to the family Lemuridae. Collectively, lemurs (infraorder Lemuriformes) are classified as strepsirrhine…

… sovereigns of the Russian Empire, and the Polish Order of Polonia Restituta, a governmental order of merit awarded by the President of Poland and considered by some as a type of successor.

Today, there are two main competing claims to the represent the Order of Saint Stanislaus: the Russian Order of Saint Stanislaus (Imperial House of Romanov), awarded by the head of the House of Romanov, and the Polish Order of Polonia Restituta, a governmental order of merit awarded by the President of Poland and considered by some as a type of successor.

Today, most Tlingit eat a number of packaged products as well as imported staples such as dairy products, grains, beef, pork, and chicken. In the larger towns most of the American restaurant standards are available, such as pizza, Chinese food, and delicatessen goods. Ice cream and SPAM are particularly popular. Rice (koox) has long been a staple, as have pilot crackers (gháatl), and both have specific terms in Tlingit that are adapted from now uneaten foods (Kamchatka lily and a type of tree fungus).

… in this region occurs at the Phakant-gyi, Maw Se Za, Tin Tin, and Khansee mines. Khansee is also the only mine that produces Maw Sit Sit, a type of jade.3 Mines at Tawmao and Hweka are mostly exhausted. From to 1964 to 1981, mining was…

Today, female officers almost never wear a skirt in working dress, and frequently wear trousers in formal dress as well. Officers also frequently wear reflective waterproof jackets, which have replaced the old greatcoats and cloaks traditionally worn in inclement weather. Most officers now wear stab vests, a type of body armour, when on duty.

Today’s punks (wood splints covered with ground plant pith or dung and then saturated with nitrate) used for lighting consumer fireworks are a type of slow match.

Today the Easter bonnet is a type of hat that women and girls wear to Easter services, and (in the United States) in the Easter parade following it. Ladies purchased new and elaborate designs for particular church services, and in the case…

Tocumwal houses refers to a type of house in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. The houses, originally sited in the southern New South Wales town of Tocumwal were relocated to Canberra in the 1940s to address a housing shortage. The…

Toboggan: n. A knit hat or tuque; rarely used to describe a type of sled.

Tobi trousers or tobi pants are a type of baggy pants used as a common uniform of , construction workers in Japan who work on high places (such as scaffolding and skyscrapers). The pants are baggy to a point below the knees, abruptly narrowing at the calves so as to be put into the footwear: high boots or jika-tabi (tabi-style boots).

Tobe ware (Tobe-yaki) is a type of Japanese pottery traditionally from Ehime Prefecture.

Tobacco hornworm caterpillars emit short clicking sounds from their mandibles when they are being attacked. This sound production is believed to be a type of acoustic aposematism, or warning sounds that let predators know that trying to…

Tobacco gum, like dissolvable tobacco, is a recent introduction – a type of chewing gum which, like nicotine gum provides nicotine through oral absorption. However, the difference between nicotine gum and tobacco gum is that tobacco gum is made from finely powdered tobacco mixed with a gum base, rather than freebase nicotine.

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