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…Șaguna got involved in the movement that sought increased rights for Romanians and demanded that Transylvania would become an autonomous entity of the Monarchy after the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 (as opposed to the Hungarian plans for a

…Þór has been active as a union trustee for the Reykjavik Seafarers Union, Anti-Death Penalty Co-ordinator for Amnesty International (South-East Region U.S.A.), organizer for South-Carolinians Against the Persian Gulf War, activist for Icelanders Against the Iraq War and is one of the founders of the Citizens’ Movement (later the The Movement).

… appointed special agent for the U. S. Commission on Industrial Relations to investigate strikes and strike-breaking agencies. After that he became a union organizer, until he was elected to the Senate in 1916.

Zollicoffer Park, a Confederate cemetery containing a mass grave of the Confederate fallen, lies just outside Nancy. (There is also a Union cemetery located in Nancy, Mill Springs National Cemetery, the oldest of all National Cemeteries…

Ziser is head of the Nevada Concerned Citizens, was head of the Coalition for the Protection of Marriage, and successfully aided a 2000 change in Nevada’s State Constitution, defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman. In…

Zhang attended Stanford University, then moved to San Francisco where she worked as a union organizer for Chinese home healthcare workers and as an organizer for the writing non-profit 826 Valencia which helps children and young adults…

Zaimdara is a union council of Lower Dir District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

Zacharias was interviewed in Focus on the Family’s Truth Project. In November 2009, Zacharias signed an ecumenical statement known as the Manhattan Declaration which affirms the sanctity of human life, the dignity of marriage as a union of husband and wife, and the freedom of religion are foundational principles of justice and the common good.

… tendencies. Besides organizing pseudo-classical manifestations such as exhibitions, concerts, poetic evenings etc., the accent is put on innovative and progressive artistic expressions: performances, comics, low-fi videos, video art, conceptual art, as well as a union of traditional fine art and conceptual art.

Yvon V. Boulanger identified as a manufacturer. He received 107 votes (0.29%), finishing seventh against Liberal Party candidate Denis Paradis. There was a Union Nationale candidate named Yvon Boulanger in the 1981 Quebec provincial election, but it is not clear if this was the same person.

Yvon Desrochers (Ward Three) was a forty-nine-year-old grocery wholesaler in 1986. He had previously chaired the Commission scolaire Jérôme-Le Royer from 1977 to 1980 and remained a member of the commission until 1983. In the 1982 municipal election, he ran unsuccessfully as a Union municipale de Saint-Léonard candidate.

Yugoslavia, both the Kingdom (Kingdom of Yugoslavia, 1918-1943) and the Republic (SFR Yugoslavia, 1943-1992) was a union of several Slavic nations, and therefore not only sported the pan-Slavic colors but adopted the pan-Slavic flag as its…

Youth Basque conveyed this desire to that Commission for Social Action and Solidarity was formed soon Basque Workers, based on initial those who expressed their desire for Basque Youth join a union basque.

… cathedral of Kalmar. At the same time, a union treaty was drafted, declaring the establishment of what has become known as the Kalmar Union. Queen Margaret, however, remained the de facto ruler of the three kingdoms until her death in 1412.

Yitchak Kolker (later Itzik Kol) was born in Petach Tikva, Israel, the only child of Tova Rosset, a Polish immigrant, and Shalom Kolker, a Ukrainian immigrant who worked as a union organizer and fought for Arab-Israeli rights. As a child,…

Yehidah (יחידה): The highest plane of the soul, in which one can achieve as full a union with God as is possible.

… struggle. She was a student of London Mission School and later in Queen Mary’s College in Madras. Yashodara was married to H. C. Dasappa, a former minister in the ministry under Jawaharlal Nehru and the younger son of the couple, Tulasidas Dasappa, was a Union Minister of state, in the Charan Singh ministry.

YS Chowdary was under media scanner for an allegation by the Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd of Mauritius on the grounds that the company defaulted on the Rs 192 crore loan it availed through its subsidiary. This allegation popped up a day after the Rajya Sabha MP-cum-industrialist was sworn in as a Union minister.

… prince because he didn’t have a legitimate son. Zbigniew, his first-born son, couldn’t be considered as heir, because he was a product of a union not recognized by the Church.

Deputy U.S. Marshal and Tombstone City Marshal, actually held the legal authority in Tombstone the day of the shootout. Virgil had considerably more experience with weapons and combat as a Union soldier in the Civil War, and in law…

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