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…Ụmụagbala Amautazi Amankalu Alayi is also a community in Alayi which observe a unique culture known as Ekete. This is performed by playing a particular drum by men, performing magical acts (spiritism) and also dancing. During this festival…

… experience. Collected from these elements religious world view reminds of a patchwork quilt with a unique pattern. Term has common features with social concepts like syncretism, bricolage, sheilaism.

…Śnieżne Kotły (1175 m, Sněžné jámy, Schneegruben, literally Snowy Pits, Snowy Cirque) are two glacial cirques in the western Krkonoše mountains (Giant Mountains), situated in the Karkonosze National Park on the Polish side of the border. They are a unique example of the alpine landscape in the area and have been a nature reserve since 1933.

…Ōta is known for his strong debating skills, and so as not to be strong-armed, a unique assembly of well-known guests from various walks of life are featured as regulars on the show. About a third of the guests are usually members…

…Đọi Sơn Pagoda (Vietnamese: Chùa Đọi Sơn) is located on the top of Mt. Doi which is a unique mouth in the field of Đọi Sơn village, in Duy Tiên District, Hà Nam Province, Vietnam. It was built at the beginning of the 12th century on the…

… style littered with incomprehensible words and obscure metaphors, Koder was nevertheless a unique phenomenon in the 19th century Serbian literature, sometimes cited as the first Serbian modernist.

…Āraiši lake dwelling site is a popular tourist location with original and reconstructed remnants of Latvian prehistory. It is a unique nationally important archaeological site: remains of the 9th-10th centuries Latgalian fortified settlement on the island of Āraiši lake.

…Östervik chapel is a unique small church which has a fascinating history and architecture.

…Öland has a unique ecology containing many endemic and rare plants not found anywhere else. Trollskogen is characterized by its lichen-covered pine trees; those close to the exposed shore (a shingle beach) have been deformed by the wind.

… music from Europe.Their video clips and photography make for a unique, self-consistent world which is portrayed in their live acts through the recopy the same sound quality as in their recording along with the props.

…Índica was born in the year 2006 in Buenos Aires, Argentina when Rubén Farzati and David Vera meets, both with the same aim, to form a unique and personal musical project, trying to generate a space unexisting in the musical scenario. The band is named after a counterculture art gallery of the late 60s, located in Masons Yard, London, England.

…Índica is an Argentine psychedelic rock music band formed in the year 2006 in Buenos Aires, Argentina when Rubén Farzati and David Vera meets, both with the same aim, to form a unique and personal musical project, trying to generate a…

…ÉSIB represents a unique educational initiative which, provides an educational hope for thousands of students everywhere.

…Åsne Seierstad entered Afghanistan two weeks after the September 11 attacks and followed the Northern Alliance into Kabul where she spent three months. Disguising herself by wearing a burka, she lived with a bookseller and his family in Kabul which provided her with a unique opportunity to describe life as ordinary Afghan citizens saw it.

According to Munn, María Sabina brilliantly used themes common to Mazatec and Mesoamerican spiritual traditions, but at the same time was a unique talent, a masterful oral poet, and craftsperson with a profound literary and personal charisma.

Zwetsloot brought a unique flavor to the band with his knowledge in classical music and theory helped the band form many of its dual harmonies. He was the rhythm guitarist while Nödtveidt played the harmonies as the lead guitarist. He came…

Zvërnec, together with nearby Nartë, is a Greek-speaking pocket in the area north of Vlorë. The surrounding region is full of salt marshes. Narta Lagoon, which hosts a unique ecosystem, lies north of the village.

Wolfgang Manner and under the direction of Ernst Fuchs (renowned exponent of “Fantastic Realism,” a 20th-century group of artists in Vienna combining techniques of the Old Masters with religious and esoteric symbolism), Malnvotizer developed a unique style portraying themes that straddle the religious and secular worlds.

Zupanc was among the founding faculty of the International University Bremen (now Jacobs University Bremen), a unique private international university that combines features of the European Higher Education systems with the U.S. American…

Head Band, their repetitive melodies, extended improvisation and thumping sequenced bass created a unique musical style that anticipated techno and trance. In the days before polyphonic synthesizers and personal computers, they filled out the sound using two reel-to-reel tape machines as a delay line.

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