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… and its occupants must be thoroughly cleaned; which was a useful belief that actually helps with real plague. Offerings of food, clean water, basil and a comb could also be made to her.

Zádor died in Budapest in 1995. There is a plaque in her memory on Rózsahegy Street No 1/b in Budapest. Zador’s memoirs are a useful source for the Holocaust in Hungary as she survived and she knew many who did not.

Zomma can be a useful sensitivity to monitor when maintaining a gamma-hedged portfolio as zomma will help the trader to anticipate changes to the effectiveness of the hedge as volatility changes.

… coordinated by the other ion. A useful property of ZnS is its phosphorescence. The other chalcogenides, ZnSe and ZnTe, have applications in electronics and optics.

… game has been criticised over its lack of diversity, clumsy interface and generic sounds. One review described the game as old-school, formulaic and lacking distinctive graphics. The humour has been characterized as caustic and witty. At least one reviewer suggested a game-speed toggle would have been a useful addition for players.

… volleyball in the late 19th Century. Also, the YMCA had a female counterpart, the YWCA. The social gospel movement, “found sports to be a useful tool to draw inner-city youth to their churches, which often housed gymnasiums.” The social gospel…

… also holds the distinction of being the first Bangladeshi to score an international hundred, with 115 against PNG in 1982. In the early part of his career, he used to bat in the middle order, but from 1979-80 season onwards he was a regular opener. He was also a useful medium pacer.

… young cricketers graduating to play for the Dolphins. However, after a disappointing season, Young moved to his home side of Western Province and gained a reputation as a genuinely quick and raw pace bowler, as well as a useful lower-order batsman. This led to a contract with the Cape Cobras at the start of the 2012/13 season.

Welsh kickers of all time. Young played several games for London Welsh and Bristol before switching to rugby league. He was described by ex-Wales union captain, Arthur Harding, as ‘He has a lovely kick, of the Jackett type, and a useful tackler.’ Frank Young represented Glamorgan.

You have to treat the primary cause or the exacerbation may persisist and reincide.Topical steroids are the primary category of medications used to treat exfoliative dermatitis (ED). A sedative antihistamine may be a useful adjunct for…

… implemented as a small executable program which compiles through GHC the larger body of code which actually constitutes a useful editor; this small ‘kernel’ can repeatedly recompile (and thus type-check) the extensions. This makes it easy to…

Vratislav, King Ottokar’s rejected eldest son and nephew of Leopold’s friend, Margrave Dietrich of Meissen. Leopold had found in Dietrich a useful ally on Ottokar’s northern frontier. He had betrothed his baby son Leopold to Dietrich’s daughter and appointed Dietrich guardian over his Duchies before Duke Leopold VI left for Crusade.

Yellow fluorescent protein (YFP) is a genetic mutant of green fluorescent protein (GFP) originally derived from the jellyfish Aequorea victoria. Its excitation peak is 514 nm and its emission peak is 527 nm.Like the parent GFP, YFP is a useful tool in cell and molecular biology thanks to its properties useful for fluorescence microscopy.

Oracle had answered the question ‘Where is Xykon?’ with the unhelpful answer, ‘In his throne room’, prompting Roy and Durkon to dangle the Oracle out of the window until he agreed to give them a useful answer.

Ye proved to be a useful acquisition for Cao Cao, who took the city as his chief residence soon after its capture. Over the years the city and its surrounding Wei Commandery (魏郡) became the heart of Cao Cao’s power, as he initiated several works in and around the city, including the much-celebrated Bronze Bird Terrace (銅雀臺) and the Xuanwu Pond (玄武池), where he trained his navy. In 213 Cao Cao was enfeoffed as the Duke of Wei, named after Ye’s commandery, and the name stuck throughout the rise of the Cao family’s fortunes, culminating in the state of Cao Wei that succeeded the Han dynasty in 220. According to Shui Jing Zhu, Ye was regarded as the Northern Capital during the Wei dynasty.

Ya Malak was a bay horse bred in the United Kingdom by Bobby and Helen Kennard. He was sired by Fairy King, an American-bred stallion who was retired after sustaining an injury after a single racecourse appearance in Ireland. He became a very successful breeding stallion, siring major winners including Turtle Island, Helissio, Oath and Falbrav. Ya Malak’s dam La Tuerta was a useful sprint handicapper who won three races from eleven starts and earned a Timeform rating of 96 in 1995. She was a daughter of Smarten Up who won dead-heated for the Temple Stakes in 1978 who also produced the outstanding sprinter Cadeaux Genereux.

YM-31636 is a potent and selective 5-HT3 agonist. Systemic administration of YM-31636 increased the number of fecal pellets in rats, and improves colonic motility. It also increases colonic secretions, but not to the point of inducing diarrhea. In addition, it did not reduce the visceral pain threshold, or increase the intensity of visceral pain. These properties indicate that it could be a useful treatment for constipation.

Xpujil is located in the south-east of the state, close to the border with Quintana Roo to the east and Peten, Guatemala, to the south. With Escárcega, Campeche 153 km to the west and Chetumal, Quintana Roo 120 km to the east it is a useful midway point on Federal Highway 186. Close to the town are the Maya ruins of Xpuhil (1 km) and Becan (8 km), Chicanná, Balamcan, Hormiguero. Further to the south-west is the major Maya site of Calakmul, in the 7230 km2 Calakmul Biosphere Reserve.

Xanthene (9H-xanthene, 10H-9-oxaanthracene) is a yellow organic heterocyclic compound. Its chemical formula is 1310. It is soluble in diethyl ether. Its melting point is 101-102 °C and its boiling point is 310-312 °C. Xanthene is used as a fungicide and it is also a useful intermediate in organic synthesis.

X-ray observations have proven useful for studying young stars, since X-ray emission from these objects is 100-100,000 times stronger than X-ray emission from main-sequence stars. The earliest detections of X-rays from T Tauri stars were made by the Einstein X-ray Observatory. For low-mass stars X-rays are generated by the heating of the stellar corona through magnetic reconnection, while for high-mass O and early B-type stars X-rays are generated through supersonic shocks in the stellar winds. Photons in the soft X-ray energy range covered by the Chandra X-ray Observatory and XMM Newton may penetrate the interstellar medium with only moderate absorption due to gas, making the X-ray a useful wavelength for seeing the stellar populations within molecular clouds. X-ray emission as evidence of stellar youth makes this…

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