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Zilk died on 24 October 2008 of heart failure, after arriving home sick from a vacation in Portugal. He was married to Austrian musical star, Dagmar Koller.

… entertainment, and women were all best in the empire. Whenever he had a vacation and returned to his home, the streets were filled with the wagons of his guests.

Zapiec owned a Vacation Rental Company in Hilton Head, SC – Hilton Head Hideaways. Additionally, he owns two other Enterprises, a Cleaning Services Company – A-1 Cleaning Services, and a Maintenance Company – A-1 Resort Services.

Young and aspirational Kayode has just wrapped up a failed campaign for office in Britain. By the end of the scene, his wife’s friend Fola has convinced him to take a vacation to Nigeria, his homeland, to visit Kayode’s mother who he has not seen for several years.

Yoav Kutner was born in Jerusalem, Israel on May 18, 1954. At the age of seventeen, while in a vacation in Switzerland he was involved in an accident while climbing a mountain. This resulted in a significant loss of his past memories. Later in life he married and had three children.

Yiu Yiu’s mother and Yiu Ching-leung’s wife. Died along with her husband while en route to a vacation destination.

Yiu Yiu’s father and Fung Dai-dai’s husband. Original owner of the garden nursery. He and his wife died while en route to a vacation destination.

… exposed to architecture. Her sister is Pakistani politician Nasreen Jalil. When she was 15 years old, she first left Pakistan to go to London with her family. Initially there for a vacation, she and her siblings ended up enrolling in school in…

Yang Yi Ru is a workaholic who never had time to take a break. Her family and friends decided to pull a prank on her to slow her down. They conned her into believing she only had six months to live, then packed her off to a vacation spot…

Yacht chartering is the practice of renting, or chartering, a sailboat or motor yacht and travelling to various coastal or island destinations. This is usually a vacation activity, but it also can be a corporate event.

Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific (formerly Trendwest South Pacific) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wyndham Worldwide Corporation which operates as a vacation ownership, allowing vacationers to own real estate interest in one of the Wyndham resorts.

WorldMark by Wyndham (formerly Trendwest) is the developer and marketer of WorldMark, The Club, a vacation ownership program and part of the Wyndham Worldwide Corporation. The original development partner of the Club was Trendwest International (TWI), a subsidiary of Jeld-Wenn Industries, a privately held door and window manufacturer.

Wolanowski studied chemistry at the Grenoble Polytechnical Institute (France 1938-1939), but the outbreak of World War II caught him during a vacation in his homeland. During the World War II he fought as a soldier of the Polish clandestine resistance movement Home Army and he acted as literary contributor to the Polish underground press.

Puerto Rico in February and March 2009. The full cast of the series starred in the film, although Jennifer Stone only had a small role at the beginning of the film. The film focuses on the Russo family taking a vacation to the Caribbean.

Within a few years of the end of World War II, Emerald Hills was making the transition from a vacation resort to a residential area, albeit a rustic one. The Emerald Lake Homeowners Association was established in the 1950s to contest the…

With the money earned from the sale of NGI, Conrad built a vacation home on the Lānai island of Hawaii. On June 2, 2000 Conrad and Hollywood actress Courtney Thorne-Smith impulsively got married but the two split 7 months later.

… experienced a period of prosperity. At the beginning of the 19th century with the arrival of the Royal Family in Brazil (1808) and its establishment in Rio de Janeiro, the farm was chosen as a vacation spot. Thus, the former convent has been adapted to the functions of space real – Royal Palace of Santa Cruz.

… rich. Not by an inheritance from her well-to-do father, but from her own earnings, she acquired a vacation home in Krümmhubel (Karpacz) in the Riesengebirge. She dubbed the home Haus Nesthäkchen. By 1933 Ury had received 250,000 RM royalties…

Lake in Indiana, the Porters sold the Limberlost Cabin in Geneva, Indiana, in 1923. At the time of her death in 1924, Stratton-Porter owned Wildflower Woods in Indiana, a year-round home in Los Angeles, a vacation home on Catalina Island, and was constructing a mansion in Bel Air, California.

With her former husband, she lived in London and with a vacation home in Bonndorf, Germany.

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