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…Æthelric was consecrated bishop in 1058 by Stigand, the Archbishop of Canterbury. Æthelric was consecrated by Stigand, unlike most of the English bishops of the time period, because at that point, Stigand held a valid pallium, or symbol of an archbishop’s authority and ability to consecrate bishops.

Zosichrysia is a genus or subgenus of moths of the Noctuidae family. It is sometimes treated as a subgenus of Diachrysia. According to Beck, it should be treated as a valid genus.

Zinnwaldite, KLiFeAl(AlSi3)O10(OH,F)2, potassium lithium iron aluminium silicate hydroxide fluoride is a silicate mineral in the mica group. The IMA status is as a series between siderophyllite (KFe2Al(Al2Si2)O10(F,OH)2) and polylithionite (KLi2AlSi4O10(F,OH)2) and not considered a valid mineral species.

Zhang went undefeated on the Chinese Athletics Grand Prix circuit in 2011 and was the runner-up at the 2011 Asian Athletics Championships behind the Taiwanese thrower Chang Ming-Huang. Despite his strong form in China, he failed to give a

… amount of time to restart the program. ISU rules say that the program can be continued if the referee agrees the stoppage was due to a valid reason, such as injuries or equipment failures. Once the referee has approved a continuation, the…

Zeuzera biebingeri is treated as a subspecies of Z. pyrina by some sources, but is mostly treated as a valid species.

Zanclognatha was treated as a synonym of Polypogon by Poole (1989). It was split from Polypogon in 1991 and reinstated as a valid genus in 1996. A 1998 European checklist has both Zanclognatha and Polypogon as valid genera, and Lafontaine & Troubridge (2005) recommend retaining Zanclognatha as a separate genus.

Yula is treated as a valid genus or a synonym of Karana.

… establishes a system of synthetic a-priori categories and principles that functions as a valid metaphysics of the immanent (empirical) domain; and, secondly, in the Dialectic, it re-orients the metaphysical drive from its search of empty, illusory…

… anticipate a moving average crossover if the KST has already turned and the price violates a trendline. The KST started to reverse to the downside before the up trendline was violated. Since either a reversal or a trading range follow a

… country can move to Israel but a Palestinian refugee, with a valid claim to property in Israel, cannot. Munayyer also described the difficulties he and his wife faced when visiting the country.

You must possess a valid NPC card to compete in an NPC event.

Yosemitia is a genus of snout moths in the subfamily Phycitinae. It was first described by Ragonot in 1901. Some sources list it as synonymous with Zophodia, while others retain it as a valid genus.

Yellowtail wanted every American Indian to learn about the spiritual traditions of their ancestors. While many of those traditions have been lost, Yellowtail believed that what remains is sufficient to constitute a valid spiritual path -…

Yatchenko’s final major competition was the 2009 World Championships in Athletics, but she failed to register a valid throw in the qualifying rounds. She retired from international competition in June 2010 and the Belarus National Olympic…

Yang Guangxian became the head of the Chinese Bureau of Astronomy (欽天監監正). In 1668, however, he was removed from the post and replaced again by the Jesuit Ferdinand Verbiest, because he could not produce a valid calendar during a…

Yamaha was the first manufacturer to offer doors as a standard feature on all side-by-side vehicles and has provided additional handholds. Yamaha only recommends the Rhino for operators age 16 or older who have a valid drivers license.

… without a valid contract went to the printer, and Wollheim later found out that the author, who was owed $3,000 by Ace, was reduced to picking fruit for a living.

Mausfeld and D. Vrcibradic noted in 2002 that Tschudi’s name was preoccupied within Mabuya, making it unavailable for use as a valid name. They were unable to examine the holotype and therefore did not comment on its affinities. In the same…

Organisations such as American Psychological Association, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and the Association for Behavior Analysis have stated that facilitated communication is not a valid technique. However, Biklen (who popularised the technique in the United States) and Wurzburg continue to promote it.

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