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Zündapp was a motorcycle maker, but in 1954 decided to make a more weatherproof vehicle. They looked for partners who could design such a vehicle, and approached Kroboth, Brütsch, and Fuldamobil before settling on the ready-developed vehicle from Dornier.

Zoutank – A green robot that is a cross between an elephant and a tank, with a cannon for a trunk. It seems to be an independent character, rather than merely a vehicle. However, it’s large enough for other Robonimals to ride in.

ZINORO (之诺) is a vehicle brand under BMW Brilliance, specialized in electric vehicles.

Yāna is one of ten suggested gifts (dana) that a lay person can appropriately give a monk or recluse, in the sense of providing a vehicle or transportation (e.g., see DN 7.33/PTS: A iv 59 and DN 10.177/PTS: A v 269).

… centers, shelters and juvenile justice facilities. YouthAware programs reach over 20,000 youth per year, using performing arts as a vehicle for examining such issues as HIV Awareness and Prevention, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Homophobia, Violence, Hate Crimes, Body Image, and Diversity.

You start a delivery business with one employee and one contract. Your initial investment of $12,000 goes to buy a vehicle.

Satchidananda’s documented teachings and is located in the county of Buckingham, Virginia. The primary goal of guru Yogiraj Sri Swami Satchidananda (1914-2002) was interfaith understanding as a vehicle to world peace. To this end, the LOTUS…

… all vehicles that operate in a place where you are not supposed to normally encounter a vehicle. Fitting these lights to other vehicles, such as privately owned or pedestrian, is legal.

Midas’ Centurions. Midas joined the battle having been turned into a living being of gold as an after-effect of his powers being turned inward by Marianne Rodger’s psi-powers. Midas tried to escape on a vehicle piloted by one of his…

… waterways choked by weeds. The constantly changing conditions faced by these communities required the development of a vehicle capable of traveling over a widely varied surface at high speeds in order to deliver mail and supplies, as well…

… rights and provide law students with a vehicle to continue his work. The Lowenstein Human Rights Clinic, an outgrowth of the Project, is a clinical course in which law students participate in legal and advocacy research and writing projects for academic credit.

… flexibility of course requirements in students’ schedules, and created space in the curriculum for students to carry out original thesis research. Pushing forward this philosophy was YJBM. For many decades it served as a vehicle to publish…

XMP has three vehicles: Raptor, Harbinger and Juggernaut. Like the player classes, each vehicle type has specific advantages and disadvantages over the other ones, like speed, armor and weaponry. Driving a vehicle or firing a vehicle weapon…

X-ray pulsar-based navigation and timing (XNAV) is a theoretical navigation technique whereby the periodic X-ray signals emitted from pulsars are used to determine the location of a vehicle, such as a spacecraft in deep space. A vehicle using…

Written in the first-person, it is the story of Vasilii Kuz’mich Aristidov, who wakes up one morning to find himself a ghost. A work of social satire, it reads on a number of levels, and can be considered a vehicle for Odoevsky’s own philosophical ideas.

Jerusalem to the sound of English military music. The festival was suppressed when Jordan assumed administration over the West Bank in the aftermath of 1948 Arab-Israeli war, because of its symbolic value as a vehicle for potential expressions of…

… authors of the apology resign. Oliver Traldi argued in Quillette that the dispute was partly attributable to the influence of continental, as opposed to analytic, philosophy, and the idea that philosophy should be a vehicle for social change, rather than an impartial search for truth.

… during the intense negotiations, Benedict became one of the few women who have driven a vehicle in that country. Benedict was responsible for political risk management in multiple countries where Mobil Oil had significant financial assets.

Philomath, as well as the judges for Linn and Benton counties. Built as a vehicle crossing, the Oregon Electric Railway had tracks leading to the east side of the bridge shortly after the bridge opened.

… especially as a vehicle for decorative elaboration. After 200 BC fully decorated scabbards became rare. A number of ancient scabbards have been recovered from weapons sacrifices, a few of which had a lining of fur on the inside. The fur was probably kept oily, keeping the blade free from rust. The fur would also allow a smoother, quicker draw.

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