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… studio and by members of the cast and crew. Although Wilhelmi died a few months later in a plane crash, the film was only released after the end of communist rule. In May 1988, a version of the film, consisting of the preserved footage plus a commentary to fill in the narrative gaps, premiered at the 1988 Cannes Film Festival.

… aŭ, and meŭ, all spelled today without the breve. Once frequent, it survives today in author Mateiu Caragiale’s name – originally spelled Mateiŭ (it is not specified whether the pronunciation should adopt a version that he himself probably…

… does not rule out a high-definition version on a modern console or a version for the iPhone or similar touch-screen devices depending on the response to Ōkamiden.

Europe and Australia. Despite the closure of Clover Studio a few months after the game’s initial release, a version for Nintendo’s Wii console was developed and produced by Ready at Dawn, Tose and Capcom, which was released in North America in April 2008, in Europe in June 2008, and in Japan in October 2009.

…Æ = Æthelweard’s Chronica.ASC = Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, year 855 versions B and C. The A version omits the names Hwala, Bedwig, and Scef, almost certainly by accident, so that in that text it is Hrathra who is a son of Noah born in the…

Zülfü Livaneli has performed a version of the original Turkish poem on , which was later sung in Turkish by Joan Baez.

Zynga developed a version of the game for social networking websites, such as Myspace and Facebook. Their version changes some mechanics of the game. Zynga’s rendition of Dope Wars took the basic layout of the original game and turned it…

Zweig later turned to hearing research and neurobiology, and studied the transduction of sound into nerve impulses in the cochlea of the human ear, and how the brain maps sound onto the spatial dimensions of the cerebral cortex. In 1975, while studying the ear, he discovered a version of the continuous wavelet transform, the cochlear transform.

Zvi Baras, in a book edited by Feldman, also assumes that Origen had seen a version of the Testimonium that included no interpolations. Baras asserts that a Testimonium seen by Origen must have had a neutral tone, and included no…

It features high-definition graphics, new levels and ‘power-ups,’ several new features, as well as boss battles. On February 22, 2011, a version was introduced for Nintendo DS which features daily challenges, versus mode and achievements.

Zulu impis used a version of the manoeuvre that they called the buffalo horn formation.

… sequel, like the original, features several minigames, such as a version of Breakout which uses Zool’s two-headed morphing pet dog as a paddle.

Zond 5, a version of the Soyuz 7K-L1 manned Moon-flyby spacecraft, was launched by a Proton-K carrier rocket with a Blok D upper stage to conduct scientific studies during its lunar flyby.

Zoink began to develop a version of the game for the Xbox. In 2003, CDV obtained the publishing rights, but had to drop the project soon after due to financial difficulties.

… directed a version of the Greek story of Jason and the Argonauts’ search for the Golden Fleece, Argonautika, at the Lookingglass Theatre Company, and then toured it at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre in 2007 and at the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, D.C. in 2008.

Zelimkhan (also spelled Zelim-Khan) (January 1872, Kharachoy, Terek Oblast – 26 September 1913) is a Chechen and Ingush hero, who is viewed today as a version of a Chechen Robin Hood. Today the name is given to Chechen and Ingush children.

Zeffirelli’s first film as director was a version of The Taming of the Shrew (1967), originally intended for Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni but finally including the Hollywood stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton instead. Taylor and Burton helped fund production and took a percentage of the profits rather than their normal salaries.

Zauriel also confronted a version of the Spectre in JLA #31, stopping him from delivering a death blow to Triumph, a former superhero turned supervillain. Spectre told Zauriel that his insubordination would not go well for him in the Courts Of Light.

Zarnack was best known after his death for his work in music and compilation of folk music. He put lyrics to a version of O Tannenbaum that was more a love song (Liebeslieder). Zarnack’s version was published in 1819 – 1820. Ernst Anschütz…

Zany Golf is a version of mini golf with some features that are impossible in real, physical mini golf. Zany Golf only consists of half a golf course – 9 holes – plus a bonus hole.

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