How to use ‘a very big’ in a sentence

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… beautiful lakes that are full of carp (Zmajevacka jezera), a very big hunting ground with a lot of wild animals. Anglers from all over Serbia come to Zmajevo to fish the most beautiful carp in Vojvodina.

Yarrow requires entropy estimation, which is a very big challenge for implementation. It is hard to be sure how much entropy to collect before using it to reseed the PRNG. This problem is solved by Fortuna (PRNG), an improvement of Yarrow. Fortuna has 32 pools to collect entropy and removed the entropy estimator completely.

… conquer the damage that had been inflicted on him. He lived with a lot of guilt.” That his sisters came out of hiding on his account, only to be killed themselves, “was a very big burden that he carried,” de Groot said.

With the monster Uyutang dead, Lubay-Lubyok Hanginun si Mahuyokhuyokan was free to marry Dumalapdap. He brought her home and was reunited with his family. Datu Paubari celebrated the return of his three sons with a very big feast. His sons…

very big fortune. Since he was young, he has received the appropriate care and was educated in aristocrat schools and by private tutors. His conduct is elegant, manner is graceful, speaks finely, there is no doubt about his noble upbringing.

… more sensitive and perceptive. In addition to all these, the control and utilization of your Ch’i energy plays a very big part in your practise.

… her. Without consulting Courtney, Taylor uses her party money for the employees, thus causing a very big fight between the two of them.

Wanqa (Aymara for a very big stone, Hispanicized spelling Huanca) or Wank’a (Quechua for rock) is a 5200 m mountain in the Chila mountain range in the Andes of Peru. It is located in the Arequipa Region, Castilla Province, Chachas District. Wanqa lies southwest of Waylla Tarpuna and Kunturkhacha and northeast of Chinchun and Asiruta.

Voivode Stephen the Great was said to be a very big fan of Tokay wines. He introduced in Moldavia the Kövérszőlő cultivar, that lead to the development of Grasă de Cotnari wine.

Venu’s sister is a very big fan of Renu’s story that comes in the magazine. Venu gets introduced to Renu with the help of Shruthi as a writer. Knowing this, Venu requests Renu to visit his home and meet his sister, so that she will feel…

TCP/IP packet headers down to 3-4 bytes for the average case. It does this by saving the state of TCP connections at both ends of a link, and only sending the differences in the header fields that change. This makes a very big difference for…

Van Deventer was born in Ficksburg in the Orange Free State. He began his military career in the Transvaal republican forces in Pretoria on 21 February 1896, and fought in the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902). He was physically a very big man…

Vallter 2000 is a very big attraction for tourists from all Spain.

Tundri is a very big village in the dabhara tahsil; it is located in the Janjgir Chanpa District in Chhattisgarh, India. According to the 2001 census, 2,865 people lived in the village. The population has now grown to approximately 6,000.

… considered to be a B movie and didn’t have a very big budget, yet the style of lighting and cinematography gave it an edge that has been imitated countless times. Tourneur was promoted to the A-list at RKO, directing films including Out of the Past…

Tog Neej Tsa Tuaj Noj Tsiab—Request special guests (such as father in law, son in law etc.) to come “eat Tsiab,” a very big “eat 30”.

To go further one should write the second thesis, something very close to Habilitation in Germany. The second thesis is a very big research work, which often takes more than 10 years to be completed. The thesis is not limited in volume,…

Tirusulam has a very big market (earlier called Pallavaram Market). It has hundreds of shops and roadside vendors, that have been in operation for more than 75 years. The market is now open on Fridays too. As it is near the Chennai…

… this village. This crematorium is not an ordinary crematorium. This crematorium has a long and a glorious history and this is one of the main tirthaksetra of Hindus. A very big religious fair is also arranged every year around this crematorium.

This village has an Historic Ramalaya temple, it also has a very big gundam which is one of its kind. A very famous Sai geetha ashramam is also located in this village.

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