How to use ‘a very good’ in a sentence

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…Þórir raised this stone in memory of Tóki, his brother, a very good valiant man.

…Þyrvé raised the stone in memory of Ôgmundr, her husbandman, a very good Þegn. May Þórr hallow.

…Þorgeirr Tóki’s son raised this stone in memory of Múli, his brother, a very good þegn.

…Útlagi raised this stone in memory of Eyvindr, a very good Þegn.

…Ásfríðr raised this stone in memory of Ásgeirr, her husbandman, a very good valiant man.

…Áki placed this stone in memory of Ulfr, his brother, a very good valiant man.

… was replaced by Olaf Zissel, who remains in the band to this day, in May 1994 and the next year founding member Katzmann was forced to leave due to osteoarthritis in the wrist. That year the band released The Tankard, which is widely viewed as a very good album by fans and critics alike, and is their final album with Noise.

Zoe Canter is Katie’s friend. Zoe is a very good jump rope holder, and is friends withMiriam and Mandy.

Latvian Chess Club tournament and in 1939 he participated at the second Ķemeri International chess tournament. Zigfrīds Solmanis was a very good speed chess player having won over 70 such tournaments. In 1938 he visited 25 cities in Latvia and…

Zhanjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone was founded in 1984. Its total planned area is 9.2 km2. The zone has a very good location for transportation. It is very convenient to get to the airport, the national highway G325 as well as the port. The major industries in the zone including automobile assembly, biotechnology and computer software.

Zakeer joined State Bank of Travancore (SBT) team in 2007. He proved himself to be a very good playmaker with good vision on the field.

ZMHSS is one among the few schools in Chennai to have a very good infrastructure. The Office block has the Principal’s Cabin, the V.P.’s cabin and the office.

Yumi Hanazono loves flowers. She does not perform well in school, but loves to draw, and wants to be a manga artist. Her family runs a flower shop so she has grown up with a floral appreciation. Yumi is a very good artist, but does not…

… interest in recording some songs with them. In 1997 they won the first prize in the 3rd edition of the underground Cuban Rap Music Awards, later on that year they would record a demo produced by X Alfonso. This first group had a very good acceptance…

… yogdaan annually and have been getting a very good response from them every year. With the wholehearted support from students in the very first year of yogdaan, GYWS had bought land for school construction, and from the fund of next yogdaan, two…

Years pass on Ketki works as a school teacher and also brought up her son. Nirmal (Vinod Mehra) co-employ of Ketki, who is a very good friend of her and takes care of Munna as his own son who is craving for his father’s love. Now Kamal…

… quickly proved to be a very good lawman, and killed two men only a short time after accepting the position, during arrest situations. However, Harry A. Brown, a self-proclaimed gunman, drifted into town sometime around the beginning of 1881.

Yanggarriny Wunungmurra is an aboriginal artist in Australia. Yanggarriny has made a significant contribution to aboriginal art in general. One of the most famous pieces of Yanggarriny’s art is Minhala the long necked turtle. this piece was carved out of wood and is a very good piece of Aboriginal artwork.

Yang Chonggui was born in a military family. Growing up, his father Yang Xin (楊信) was named the Linzhou (麟州; modern Shenmu County, Shaanxi) prefect (刺史) during the Later Han (947-951). At a young age, Yang Chonggui was a very good horse…

… for him, beginning with Otto mesi in due ore in 1827 and continuing until 1833. Gilardoni shared with the composer a very good sense of what would work on stage. Next, the Naples impresario Barbaja engaged him to write twelve new operas…

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