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In an interview, Özçalkan said that he had wanted to release his new music for a very long time now, but partly because of the Gezi Park incidents, he had grown a bit cold towards music, and felt like people wouldn’t understand the messages he tried to convey anyway.

… gelatinous plankton that can vertically migrate 800 meters and eat large amounts of food at the surface. They have a very long gut retention time, so fecal pellets usually are released at maximum depth. Salps are also known for having some of the…

… expansion and high melting temperature of ZnO are beneficial for ceramics. ZnO exhibits a very long lived optical phonon E2(low) with a lifetime as high as 133 ps at 10 K.

… endosperm is haploid, derived from the female gametophyte. The embryo is straight, with two cotyledons that are usually united at the tips and a very long, spirally twisted suspensor.

Z. varolai had a large body, reaching an estimated length of 6.5 – 7 m. The large teeth are present in both jaws, making it capable of feeding on large prey. It had a very long zygomatic process, probably for housing the spermaceti organ.

Yuki’s older brother, who becomes an angel prior to episode two. Although most angels succumb to their primal desires quickly, Shogo’s exceptional willpower allows him to retain consciousness for a very long time, which he uses to exact…

… version is the mainstream type, while the sesame type is the other type. This bread is very unusual because it is still being baked and produced using traditional methods. Often wrapped in thin plastic and newspaper, it does not have any labels, nor any nutritional and calorie contents. It can be kept for a very long timely by storing it in a freezer.

Yaël Hassan is a French-Israeli writer born in Paris in 1952.She spent her childhood in Belgium, her adolescence in France, and her youth in Israel. She returned to France in 1984 with her family.Making the most of the time of a very long immobilization,…

… the ones blown off course during the summer storms. Furthermore, Yamada would have passed thousands of islands in the Torres Strait and Coral Sea and these would have provided safekeeping for any treasure and avoided a very long recovery voyage in the future.

YC Research was announced in October 2015. It is a nonprofit research lab focused on work that requires a very long time horizon, seeks to answer very open-ended questions, or develops technology that shouldn’t be owned by any one company.

Xiaomi’s products are manufactured by Foxconn and Inventec. Xiaomi makes many products, but considers its core products for a very long time into the future to be the mobile phone, TV and router, according to its CEO.

Xenon-136 is an isotope of xenon that undergoes double beta decay to barium-136 with a very long half life of 2.11×1021 years, more than ten orders of magnitude longer than the age of the universe ((13.799±0.021)×109 years).

XOR gates produce a 0 when both inputs match. When searching for a specific bit pattern or PRN sequence in a very long data sequence, a series of XOR gates can be used to compare a string of bits from the data sequence against the target…

Wrestling has a very long tradition and history in Iran and often even referred to as its national sport. There are many styles of folk wrestling, from Varzesh-e Pahlavani to Zurkhaneh which have similarities with modern freestyle wrestling.

Wrathall had a very long career in senior football, playing for over 25 years, and recorded his 1000th goal playing for Eastern Suburbs against Mount Albert-Ponsonby in the 1971 New Zealand National Soccer League.

Worst Performer: David has done the worst out of everyone, going though the wall and did not stop from the wall in a very long distance, and had killed the vehicle.

… format works take him a few days or weeks to create. Large works take him months to finish. However, many of them are in progress for a very long time and only finished after several years. Some of his paintings are several meters in size.

Wood ash has a very long history of being used in ceramic glazes, particularly in the Chinese, Japanese and Korean traditions, though now used by many craft potters. It acts as a flux, reducing the melting point of the glaze.

Wong Hon-Wing was for a very long time considered Master Wong Yan-Lam’s number one student and was his sole official representative. It was Wong Hon-Wing who began using the name Haap Ga Kyuhn based upon his teacher’s nickname and the…

Women have worn foundation garments, such as corsets and brassieres, for a very long time. Some have been essential to the fashion trends of the time. Others have been born out of the need for women to feel more secure. Better known today…

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