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Zworykin pitched the concept to Sarnoff, claiming a viable television system could be realized in two years with a mere $100,000 investment. Sarnoff opted to fund Zworkyin’s research, most likely well-aware that Zworykin was…

… capitalized on its proximity to pearl beds, possession of a large harbour and its central position on the Persian Gulf routes. After the introduction of the cultured pearl and the Great Depression in the 20th century, pearling ceased to be a viable option for many Qataris.

… homesteads near Langenburg, North-West Territories, and went as far west as Calgary. Unimpressed with the land near the railway, they went back to Manitoba, where a visit to a Mennonite settlement at Gretna convinced Pylypiv that Canada was a

Zero waste management is seen as a viable solution in stopping the proliferation of pagpag food.

Zeolites are a technologically valuable class of materials that have historically been difficult to solve using x-ray diffraction due to the large unit cells that typically occur. PED has been demonstrated to be a viable alternative to solving many of these structures, including the ZSM-10, MCM-68, and many of the ITQ-n class of zeolite structures.

Yorke was partly responsible for the introduction of the Canadian Content legislation that was instated in 1971, acting as a major advocate of the policy from a music industry point of view. He testified both to the adequacy of Canada’s music supply as well as the necessity of radio support to create a viable Canadian music industry.

… interact with various exhibits in the museum. While the GIF art is currently only available digitally, Zucker has said that lenticular versions of the work might be a viable way to translate the GIFs to the physical space of the museum. Zucker has already worked out how to translate her work using lenticular printing and sees the GIF as a modern artistic irreverence.

… silent as well as talking. Though few in the industry predicted it, silent film as a viable commercial medium in the United States would soon be little more than a memory. Points West, a Hoot Gibson Western released by Universal Pictures in August 1929, was the last purely silent mainstream feature put out by a major Hollywood studio.

Years before it was a viable consumer product, popular culture portrayed potential uses of multi-touch technology in the future, including in several installments of the Star Trek franchise.

… compactification, that string theory is a viable candidate for a unified theory of nature. Calabi-Yau manifolds are part of the standard toolkit for string theorists today.

YBC helps young people aged between 18 – 35 who are unemployed, under-employed and have a viable business idea and the passion for entrepreneurship but who lack business experience and have no access to seed money.

X-ray microscopes are instruments that use electromagnetic radiation usually in the soft X-ray band to image objects. Technological advances in x-ray lens optics in the early 1970s made the instrument a viable imaging choice. They are…

… authority whether divine or political, but rather a self-organized network of mutually supportive mechanisms, resulting in a viable politico-economic social fabric. The principal technique for inducing convergence is thought experiment, namely…

… claims have as many critics as they have proponents. Again, there is a need for a broad debate, and Planetizen contains many different and dissenting viewpoints on the question of skyscrapers as a viable building typology.

… the Polish Aero Club with a viable two-seat trainer, the SZD-C Żuraw II was developed from the Hans Jacobs-designed DFS Kranich II, adapted for Polish production by J. Niespał and A. Kokot. The name żuraw was a translation of Kranich and means crane. The Kranich was one of the best two-seater pre-war gliders, used to set many records.

Word 98 for the Macintosh gained many features of Word 97, and was bundled with the Macintosh Office 98 package. Document compatibility reached parity with Office 97 and Word on the Mac became a viable business alternative to its Windows…

… seen as a reliable source of income for the family only through remittances. Young girls and women are singled out in families to be migrant workers because they don’t have a viable alternative role to fulfil in the local village. If they…

Without the presence of a viable retail economy, a drug economy proliferated, with an accompanying increase in crime, while police presence actually decreased. Crack cocaine arrived in Vancouver in 1995, and crystal methamphetamine started…

Without a viable tenant, and being a largely inferior facility to nearby Carrara Stadium, Seagulls Stadium sat dormant until it was dismantled and the site bulldozed. A housing complex now covers the site.

Without a viable indoor arena with an ice surface, through the end of the 1980s the city of Albany had never had a minor league professional hockey team. Three separate attempts to establish teams in the neighboring cities of Schenectady and Troy had proven forgettable.

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