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… senior squad, however played a game for the Youth Team, which they lost 3-1 to Walsall. However Östberg became a victim of the new transfer laws regarding international players, and as a result had to be released by Stoke.

…Älmöxämmädev was a victim of Great Purge. He was arrested on 11 December 1937 and was shot on 10 August 1938.

… of South Africa (or Mwasa), and he led a year-long strike in 1980 for fair wages for black journalists. He was a victim of the Apartheid-era government in South Africa and was imprisoned at least three times for his journalism. After Apartheid ended, he became the chief executive officer of the South African Broadcast Corporation.

… reluctant to return home in an undignified state. Zhongkun, also a victim of gambling addiction, decides to help her re-establish her confidence.

Olympics, a victim of China’s great depth in women’s badminton and rules that limit the number of Olympic entries from any one country. However, 2009 proved to be her most successful year as Zhao won both the prestigious All-England and BWF…

Zawzani was not as accomplished in the management of the secretariat as his predecessor had been, and his methods were completely dissimilar. Furthermore, Bayhaqi was often a victim of his bad temper, which made the latter send a secret…

Zaitsev was born on 2 March 1938 in Ivanovo to Mikhail Yakovlevich Zaitsev and Maria Ivanovna Zaitseva. His father was a victim of the repressions of Joseph Stalin and was incarcerated in one of Stalin’s camps, and his mother was a cleaner…

Yvonne Winter is an amnesiac, a victim of the wartime bombing of the London hotel where she’s staying. At a country hospital she meets the pilot, Lake Chamerd, who saved her life. They fall in love and plan to marry, but he’s killed on…

Yukta Mookhey plays the character of Anjali, who is a victim of the riots and is pushed into prostitution. This young girl Anjali’s mother is raped by the villains and her father is shot dead. What a horrifying impact would this have on the girl! This Anjali grows up with such traumatic memories of her childhood.

Yaya was tried in court with the assistance of a young lawyer, Ilyas (Fizo Omar). She was convicted and detained in a juvenile center, where she had been a victim of bullying. Despite the hardships she endured, Yaya fell in love with Ilyas who never gave up trying to release her from that place.

… conquest of East Asia during the pre-World War II period as an effort to save the region from the imperial advances of colonial Western powers. Displays portray Japan as a victim of foreign influence, especially Western undermining of trade.

Yamauchi draws much of her inspiration for her works from her life experience as a victim of racism and class discrimination in America. She has many writers that inspire her to infuse her own personality into her work. Namely, Thomas…

Yakovleva was canonized as a martyr by the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad as a victim of Soviet oppression along with the other members of the group. She was later also canonized as a martyr by the Russian Orthodox Church inside Russia.

Yakima Valley Community College speech and communications instructor Dan Erickson recounted his experiences as a victim of the Eden Farms cult in an April 2012 lecture, Cults and Blogs: From Childhood Trauma to Healing Therapy. His 2012 novel, A Train Called Forgiveness, is a fictionalized account of his coming to terms with this traumatic past.

… during the Anti-Rightist Movement. Xie died in Beijing in 1970, a victim of the Cultural Revolution. She was posthmously rehabilitated by the Communist Party of China in 1986.

… new Parliament met. It is likely he was a victim of the Spanish Flu pandemic. He thus became one of only a handful of elected British MPs never to have taken their seats.

Wounds should be cleaned and dressed properly to prevent infestation of the fly, as C. bezziana is attracted to wound fluids and blood to lay her eggs in. If a person suspects that their animal or livestock has been a victim of fly-strike, they should bring the case to the attention of their veterinarian for analysis.

Workers on the railroad in 1922 thought they had found a victim of an Indian raid on the Santa Fe Trail when they uncovered a skeleton of a young woman while making the railroad cut east of Ulysses Kansas. They couldn’t understand why she…

Travis, when his wife gets sick. Stopping to get Danish for the kids at Hammerman’s Gourmet To Go grocery store, things go even more awry when he finds himself a victim of a robbery. The situation worsens as Franklin Laszlo, the desperate…

Work was scarce for Daly after she left The Young and the Restless, and she was found dead in a rundown Los Angeles apartment on December 14, 2004. The cause of death was listed as unknown even though drug abuse was suspected; her boyfriend stated that he believes that she was a victim of foul play.

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