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… to accompany him on a scientific tour to England and Scotland, in order to inspect the mining and metallurgical establishments of the country, and to study the principles on which George Bellas Greenough’s geological map of England (1820) had been prepared, with a view to the construction of a similar map of France.

Zu-Aretz participated in several plays, mostly for Habima, Israel’s national theatre, including: Bustan Sephardi, Garden Ricky, The Diary of Anne Frank, Butterflies Are Free, Not Because of the Memories, Little Tel Aviv, A View from the…

Zoos usually avoid talking about death. In particular, they do not convey that sometimes it may be unavoidable to kill animals with a view of keeping a breeding programme alive and viable.The largest problem for long-term conservation…

… for a later stage. He has translated and interpreted a set of texts that offer, in his view, a description of decisive moments in human experience in general. He translated them with a view to conveying the sense and significance of these…

… contacted by both the Tunisian and Libyan FAs with a view to declaring for either, however, Zayed declined as he wanted to pursue his dream of representing Ireland at senior level.

Zaritsky, R., A.E. Kelly, W. Flowers, E. and Rogers, and P. O’Neill. 2003. Clinical Design Sciences: A View From Sister Design Efforts. Educational Researcher 32 (1):32-34.

Zanotti’s 1741 essay on the ‘attractive force of ideas’ defended a view of the association of ideas influenced by Newtonian physics. In 1754 Zanotti criticised Pierre-Louis Maupertuis for his views on Stoicism and Christianity, and was drawn into controversy about Stoicism with the Dominican professor Casto Innocente Ansaldi.

… altitude of 675m and has a view over the sea. Located in the south of the Castagniccia region, it is a quiet, rural village away from the busy coastal cities and their tourists. Many pleasant walks begin in the village, including one that takes you to a typical Genoese bridge.

Zainichi Koreans in Japan are also publicly perceived to be a nuisance and are seen as likely to cause trouble and start riots, a view shared by former Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara. A Zainichi organisation, Chongryon, is commonly…

You have to amount to too, for a view or doctrine to take, seek to inspire, to get the fire the enthusiasm must, fuel will be collected, and the handful of Jews want our German maniacs lie down the first set Reiser to the spread of fanaticism.

You create a trigger with the CREATE TRIGGER statement. You specify the triggering event in terms of triggering statements, and the item they act on. The trigger is said to be created on or defined on the item—which is either a table, a

… it, so it is presumed to be built over the remains of the modern-day city of Yokohama, since Aya describes her apartment in Shuffle Mansion as having a view of mountains and of a coast; modern day eastern Yokohama has a view of both. Also, the large mountain that Aya and the Sly Girls visit multiple times in the story is presumed to be Mt. Fuji.

… openly criticized the bureaucrats who were thriving from bribery and denying people even the basic rights through her poems. With a view to promote and preach her ideas as well convince the administrators in Kathmandu to change their…

… former Bristol Rovers forward Kevin Gall and completed the loan signing of Jason Blunt from Scarborough with a view to a permanent move. New striker Kevin Gall scored on his debut as a substitute in a 4-0 home victory against Kettering Town, on…

Dolan and former Chelsea trainee Aliu Djaló with a view to them signing on loan and permanently respectively in the January transfer window. Defender Byron Webster received recognition for his goal and impressive performance in the League One Team of the Week.

… interest in the activities and achievements of the British government, so ably represented by Bland. The objects of the new school, Yeoh said, were simply to provide pupils a knoweledge of Chinese literature and people, with a view to intellectual development and to help prepare them for careers in business.

… hiking, and horse riding. The park has pavilions, grills, and a large playground, as well as a wooden overlook that provides a view of the Yellow River. Some people walk down to the river using an unmarked trail to wade in the river, or tube down the river to Norris Lake, although this is not encouraged by Gwinnett County or Yellow River Regional Park.

… roads (sacbes) is understandable and visible again; now it’s possible to observe a variety of temples, palaces, ball-courts and observatories in state of restoration and from the top of Temple 216 one can admire a view over the whole site, the rainforest and the lake.

Yanam Eye Bank was established on 7 April 2008 with a view to collect corneas from deceased persons as per their will to transplant corneas to bring sight to the blind people in collaboration with L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad for…

Yale is mentioned in Arthur Miller’s play A View from the Bridge.

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