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…Žigs Kariž (born in 1973 as Žiga Kariž in Ljubljana, changed his name to Janez Janša in 2008, but again changed his name back to Žiga Kariž in 2012) is one of the three contemporary artists who in 2007 changed their names to Janez Janša, the name of the Slovenian right-wing politician Janez Janša. He is a visual artist.

Zvi Goldstein (born January 21, 1947) is a visual artist living in Jerusalem.

Zverev took up athletics at the age of 13. Due to a visual impairment he was eligible to compete in parasports and was classified as a T13 athlete, for sportspeople with poor vision, but who do not require a running guide. Initially coached by Sergey Nazarov, he qualified for the 2008 Summer Paralympic Games in Beijing where he took part in the 400m T13 event. At the Games he qualified through the heats to take part in the final, where he finished fifth.

Zulueta has been the recipient of an Individual Artist Fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts, a CAVA Fellowship from the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts, a Visual Artist Fellowship from the Cintas Foundation,…

Zoic Studios is a visual effects company based in Culver City, California with separate sister facilities in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and New York City. It is a studio of creative artists, producers, and engineers.

… star system with faint companions at 0.5 and 32.4 arc seconds distance. The former is an infrared source, the latter has a visual magnitude of 10.7.

… sacrifice), which was a lamb that was offered in the Temple in Jerusalem, then roasted and eaten as part of the meal on Seder night. Since the destruction of the Temple, the z’roa serves as a visual reminder of the Pesach sacrifice; in Ashkenazi…

Zen Pencils is an online showcase of cartoonist Gavin Aung Than’s comic strips, which feature illustrations taking on famous quotations and making a visual style to create a story, shown along with the quotes. Zen Pencils focuses on adding…

Zachary Johnson is the drummer of The Cinematic Underground. He is also Katie Chastain’s drummer, and he was the drummer for The Fray before he quit the band to become an actor. Zachary is also a visual artist and his work has been…

ZERO VFX is a visual effects and creative studio with offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Venice Beach, California. Co-founded by Brian Drewes and Sean Devereaux in 2010, the company works on feature film and commercial projects.

… are applied to the surface in separate firings. Up to six individual firings are used to achieve the final result. The different thicknesses create the contrast of the pattern and with the glaze giving the vessel a visual dimension.

Yusof Ghani, born in 1950 in Johor, Malaysia is a Malaysian painter, sculptor, writer, professor and curator. His career spans over three decades which resulted into diverse series that deals with Southeast Asian motifs with an Abstract Expressionist approach. His works blend painting and drawing into a visual entity with controlled play of sculptural and collage elements.

Yulia Pinkusevich (born 1982, Kharkov, Ukraine) is a visual artist working across various disciplines including painting, drawing, and sculpture. Yulia is represented by Kent Fine Art in New York.

Yuki Yuna is a Hero (Yūki Yūna wa Yūsha de Aru) is a 12-episode Japanese anime television series produced by Studio Gokumi and directed by Seiji Kishi as part of a media project called Takahiro IV Project. The series aired in Japan between October 16 and December 25, 2014 on MBS. The anime has been licensed by Pony Canyon’s North American label Ponycan USA. Multiple light novel and manga series have been published by ASCII Media Works. A PlayStation Vita video game was released in Japan in February 2015. A visual novel for Windows was released in December 2014 with the first DVD and Blu-ray Disc volume for the anime, with a second released with the sixth volume in May 2015. A second anime season project, consisting of an adaptation of a prequel light novel and a sequel series, began in March 2017.

… biology. He then attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, studying graphic design. It was during this time in his education that he discovered his passion for the arts, along with directing and photography as a means of telling a visual story.

Your Disease Risk has a simple, straightforward interface. Questionnaires can be completed in a matter of minutes, and for each disease, the site offers both a visual and verbal risk estimate as well as personalized tips for prevention. The site can also show users what their risk could be should they adopt various healthy behaviors. Tailored screening tips and recommendations for making health changes in communities are also part of site results.

YouTube is the best early example of a visual networking experience. YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips. Unregistered users can watch most videos on the site, while registered users are permitted to upload an unlimited number of videos. Few statistics are publicly available regarding the number of videos on YouTube. However, in July 2006, the company revealed that more than 100 million videos were being watched every day, and 2.5 billion videos were watched in June 2006. 50,000 videos were being added per day in May 2006, and this increased to 65,000 by July. In January 2008 alone, nearly 79 million users watched over 3 billion videos on YouTube.

… conveys “the extreme heroism of the Russian and Soviet conquest of Siberia.” The symphony introduces Yermak as a mighty figure who “made his way through the fog and mist to do battle with Siberia.” The film then begins a visual montage which…

Yellowing of the sclera is a visual symptom of jaundice. In very rare but severe cases of kidney failure and liver failure, the sclera may turn black.

… mixers, replacing an existing baffle, measures average concentration and a mixing index by surveying more than 200 locations inside the process vessel. Mix-itometer software provides users with a visual representation of mixing upon a…

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