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…Štajnberger was born on 15 February 1916 in Zagreb to a Jewish family of Mavro Štajnberger. In his early youth he joined the Young Communist League of Yugoslavia. In 1937, during the Spanish Civil War he went to Spain as a volunteer, soon…

…Ó Duibhginn was an Irish Republican and a volunteer in the Irish Republican Army.

… barricade to find Marius, disguised as a volunteer. When Valjean is tasked with executing Javert, Marius assumes that he has done so, and is a murderer.

… life. The following year he joined a volunteer battalion and fought at Jemappes. He was badly wounded at Famars in May 1793 and was appointed general of brigade in the Army of the North in September that year. After being wounded again he was promoted general of division in March 1794.

Zoo Corps is a volunteer program at the San Diego Zoo that enlists high school students to teach guests at the zoo about the animals they are seeing and their place in the ecosystem. It enrolls students between 13 and 17 years of age. The…

… fought in Turkish War of Independence as a volunteer. He took part in the 1st Grand National Assembly of Turkey as Lazistan deputy. He had been a member of Yozgat Independence Court for a period of time. However, his views differed from Mustafa Kemal’s. He was unable to be elected as deputy to the 2nd Assembly.

Zilker also found the time to be a volunteer fireman, Director of the First National Bank, Water and Light Commissioner, and served both as alderman from the old Tenth Ward and president of the Travis County School Board. He would own a…

Zikim attracted members of Hashomer Hatzair from around the world, most recently from South America. The actor Bob Hoskins worked as a volunteer in Zikim in 1967.

Zayachkivska was a volunteer (serving hot coffee and tea to the protesters, worked in medical center, and was administrator of the site during the late 2013/early 2014 Euromaidan-protests.

Zaruski was born on 18 January 1867 in Dumanowo near the Kamieniec Podolski in Poland. During his youth at Odessa University where he studied mathematics and physics, he was attracted to sea activities. As a volunteer, he worked as seaman on various ships. He traveled a lot to distant regions like Siberia, China, Japan, India, Egypt and Syria.

Zarihs serve as a marker for the tombs of religious figures, and as a symbol of their sacred nature. Zarihs are funded by donations, it is considered a blessing to do so. The construction and installation of zarihs are often done on a volunteer basis, made as a waqf with its creators demanding no pay for their work.

Faith before it saved his live when he almost flat-lined. After the final battle in the last episode, he marries Tama-chan and joins a volunteer fire corps. Using the Break Axe, he can execute the Axe Storm (Akkusu Sutōmu) attack. He also uses the Tri-Basher in Gun Mode to execute the Circle Shot (Sākuru Shotto) attack.

Y+S. Every year trained Y+S leaders, working mostly on a volunteer basis, run 50,000 Y+S courses and camps with over 550,000 children and youth. Youth+Sport offers courses and camps for these leaders in 75 types of sports.The Swiss adult…

Young volunteers with the United Way of America, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Society, and the Pacific Northwest Athletic Congress. A volunteer for the 1990 Goodwill Games, he participated in the Black Men Professional Breakfast and is a board member of the Wee Care Childcare Center.

… in the same year for a BBC Partnership Achievement Award for its journalism and community outreach work and in 2009 a volunteer on the station was short-listed in the same category.The University’s School of Journalism won the Broadcast Journalism Training Council’s (BJTC’s) Award for Innovation in Broadcast Journalism Training in part for their work with Siren.

… for the health needs of the population.Kuraby has its own community centre (the infrastructure is owned by the local council) and is run by a volunteer committee of local people who are responsible for seeing that the building is maintained and improvements are implemented.

York Militia was a volunteer militia unit in Upper Canada formed after the passage of the Militia Act of 1793.

Yolo County officials estimated its 2005 population at 61 and predicted it would have a population of 99 by 2025. Zamora is served by its own post office, a volunteer fire department and St Agnes Catholic church. It lies at an elevation of 52 feet (16 m).

Yet the sexagenarian statesman continued to display great energy. On 23 August 1831 he joined Italian General Girolamo Ramorino’s army corps as a volunteer, and subsequently formed a confederation of the three southern provinces of Kalisz,…

Army at the time—and strongly resisted by the PNGVR Association—it had been felt that training a volunteer force without the considerable assistance of the ARA that had previously been available would be impossible after independence,…

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