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… the other hand, Ignacio is running the family business and blatantly states that Gonzalo is a good-for-nothing and a moocher as he doesn’t work and simply collects his monthly stipend. Ignacio further deems Gonzalo’s painting a waste of time.

… zeolite-waste combination can be hot pressed into an extremely durable ceramic form, closing the pores and trapping the waste in a solid stone block. This is a waste form factor that greatly reduces its hazard compared to conventional…

… dancing skills as a child, and although the opinions of their friends vary as to her skill, it appears that she did have a fair degree of talent. But Scott was totally dismissive of his wife’s desire to become a professional dancer, considering it a waste of time.

… customer at the stall. He chases her through the streets until she finally escapes into a church, where she collapses in tears, but decides not to kill herself. As she walks home past Bunting and Hobbs, she throws the pills into a waste bin.

Xtreme Zero Waste is a non-profit organization dedicated to recycling and based in the town of Raglan, New Zealand. In 2014 it was rebranded from Xtreme Waste. According to its mission statement, its goal is to create a waste management system for the Raglan/Whaingaroa community in which none of the trash would be stored in landfills.

Xenophon and NXT colleagues have indicated that they will not support the proposed gay marriage plebiscite on the basis that it is not binding and a waste of public resources. He has also thrown support behind the idea that Donald Trump as President of the United States would provoke a change in US-Australia relations.

Wyler & Associates’ next big case comes from Rickey Latrell. An NBA superstar, he is charged with shooting his team’s owner Sandy Portas in his office. The evidence is overwhelming, Rickey was in Sandy’s office around the time of the murder and the murder weapon recovered in a waste treatment plant is registered to Rickey.

Writing use cases for large systems is tedious and a waste of time.

Worley began the strip A Waste of Time in 2008. A collection of the strips was published by Northwest Press in 2011, followed by a series of new material beginning in 2014. The strip is about an anthropomorphic rabbit named Rick (a…

Work begins at a former quarry that was being used as a waste dump at Odsal Top in Bradford after Bradford Northern sign a ten-year lease with the local council. This was to become the site of their current home ground, Odsal Stadium.

Woolston Eyes is a Site of Special Scientific Interest located in the town of Warrington, England, alongside the Manchester Ship Canal. The eyes themselves are used for the deposition of dredgings from the Ship Canal under a Waste Management Licence issued by the Environment Agency.

Within the European Union, the EU Commission operates on the End of Life Vehicles Directive, which is geared towards the reduction of waste arising from ELVs. Players in the automotive industry have also gotten to paying cash for cars and all other ELVs, as a waste minimization scheme with multilateral benefits.

… harsher. Materials could be banned because of association with a particular person or country, or simply because the censor felt that the piece was distracting or a waste of time.

… a lung cancer-tobacco link. During the Great Depression, Adolf Hitler condemned his earlier smoking habit as a waste of money, and later with stronger assertions. This movement was further strengthened with Nazi reproductive policy as women who smoked were viewed as unsuitable to be wives and mothers in a German family.

… up both money and garbage to a waste collector being compensated to take the garbage. In this way, garbage has a negative price; the waste collector is receiving both garbage and money and thus is paying a negative amount for the garbage.

… and revealed the activity. McKeague met with Gerry Adams briefly to discuss the independence option but the meetings were unproductive and reportedly convinced Adams that such clandestine discussions with loyalist paramilitaries were a waste of…

… the tool, or, in the case of a severe failure, might bring only a portion of the tool to the surface. This would require the drillstring to be pulled out of the hole to replace the failed components, thus making the wireline operation a waste of time.

… house, Dawn immediately begins searching on the computer for demons that skin people. Although Buffy thinks it’s a waste of time, Dawn soon finds a demon that meets their specifications named Gnarl. The demon paralyzes its victims with its nails, and then eats strips of skin from the body and drinks the blood.

Willem Janszoon in the Duyfken as early as 1605 sailed close to the island of Badu while en route back to the East Indies after a reconnaissance of New Guinea for the Dutch East India Company. The impression left of the region was of a waste land populated by cruel savages. The island itself, together with Mabuiagm was later charted by William Bligh.

Why Hele developed this machine is unknown, since the lopsided design could never compete with Japanese motorcycles such as the Honda CB750 or the Kawasaki Z1. An inside view is that Hele’s efforts were a waste of resources that, with NVT’s precarious finances, should have been directed to marketing the 900 cc triple Thunderbird III.

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