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… included to the Yugoslav national team that won a bronze medal at European championships. In late 1957 he had a serious car accident. He recovered by the 1960 Olympics, but retired from competitions after that to become a water polo coach and administrator at his club HAVK Mladost. Besides water polo he worked as an architect in Slovenia and Austria.

…Žermanice Dam (Žermanická přehrada, Vodní nádrž Žermanice) is a water reservoir and dam near Žermanice, Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic. The dam is built on the Lučina River and has a surface of 2.48 km². It was constructed from 1951-1958.

… as a water polo defender in the summer and as a handball striker in the winter, and won national titles in both sports with his club Mladost. Between 1955 and 1975 he played 101 water polo and 24 handball matches for the national Yugoslav teams.

…Šance Dam also known as devils thumb, (Vodní nádrž Šance) is a water reservoir and dam in the Moravian-Silesian Beskids mountain range, Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic. The dam is built on upper course of the Ostravice River and…

…Čertovka (Devil’s Channel), also called Little Prague Venice in English, is a water channel in Prague, Czech Republic. It is situated in Lesser Quarter, Prague 1. Čertovka channel takes water from river Vltava and after almost 900 m it…

…Østfoldbadet is a water park located in Askim, Norway. The park was officially opened on December 16, 2000. Construction commenced on August 31, 1999 and was completed in December 2000.

… it functioned as a harbor, providing a water supply and power source. Aalborg grew up around Østerå and Versterå (West Stream), two wide-mouthed streams, which flowed into the Limfjord, providing access to shipping. Østerå served as a…

… lake to its east known as the Enriquillo or Xaragua in the Dominican Republic, which is 27 km long, 8 km wide and fairly deep; the two together would have a water spread stretching to 60 km length, at an elevation of 300 m, larger than the Lake Geneva. It is 25 km away from the sea and Haitians call it the ‘Etang Sale’.

…Çarşı played a significant role in the 2013 protests in Turkey, resisting police attacks and even chasing a water cannon away with an excavator they acquired.

…Ålesund Airport, Sørneset (Ålesund sjøflyplass, Sørneset) was a water aerodrome and later heliport situated at Nørvevika and later Sørneset in Ålesund, Norway. The airport was, to a varying degree, used between 1929 and 1979. It has since been demolished.

…Ägerisee (or Lake Aegeri) is a glacial lake in the Canton of Zug, Switzerland. The two municipalities along its shore are Oberägeri and Unterägeri. The main tributary is the Hüribach; the Lorze river drains the Ägerisee. Since 1992 the lake is used as a water reservoir.

…Ángel Luis Andreo Gabán (born 3 December 1972 in Madrid) is a water polo player from Spain, who was a member of the national team that won the gold medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. He also competed for his native country in the Summer Games of 2000 and 2004.

…Ádám Steinmetz (born 11 August 1980 in Budapest) is a Hungarian water polo player and Olympic champion, who plays for Hungarian Championship outfit Vasas SC. He has a brother, Barnabás Steinmetz, who is also a water polo player and two-time Olympic gold medalist.

… love for Lexi and recounts a story of when they were in high school and ate a popsicle together on a water tower. Macon shows he kept the leftover popsicle stick as a token but is rebuffed by Lexi. Alexander sends Zycho out to get him some…

Zwanenburg takes its name from Gemeenlandshuis Zwanenburg, the former headquarters of the Hoogheemraadschap Rijnland, a water board that used to have its headquarters in Halfweg, on the other side of the canal known today as the Ringvaart.

… sabkha and the stony desert. Historically, fresh water was of scarce availability. In an attempt to amass a water supply, Murair Fort was constructed 1.8 km eastward of the original settlement, on the margins of the desert scarp. The fort served to facilitate wells which tapped the shallow freshwater lenses.

Zoom Flume is a water park in East Durham, New York. Zoom Flume is named after Zoom Flume, one of its more popular slides. Zoom Flume consists of eight slides, five play areas, and four restaurants.

… their fates together through front page headlines, a water color illustrated journal and a series of oversize painted portraits.Featured Polaroid portraits include Bruce Campbell, Kevin Eastman, Michael Hitchcock, Al Jaffee, Christopher Makos, Taylor Mead, Richard Meier, Billy Name, John Stirrat, Sean Yseult and members of Robert Zemeckis’ family.

… surrounding hills are grazed by sheep, goats and cattle. South of the village, at the end of a dirt road, is a water fall that is a popular tourist attraction.

Zia Rashid, a fourteen-year-old girl who is a fire specialist in House of Life. She was hosting Nephthys, a water goddess, which can be fatal for a fire specialist. The former Chief Lector Iskandar hid her in the Nile to protect her from…

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