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…Ḵh̲umārawayh inherited a stable economy and a wealthy polity from his father. The treasury was worth ten million dīnārs at the young Tulunid’s succession. When Ḵh̲umārawayh was killed in 896, the treasury was empty, and the dinar had sunk…

… married to Fulya Kalkavan, a member of a wealthy shipowner family. His wife filed for divorce in 2012 after she was diagnosed for thyroid cancer.

…Şahin K. is a wealthy and famous (or, rather, infamous) man who is discontented with his life. All he wants is to leave behind his past in Germany, wipe the slate clean and start leading a normal, low profile life in the southwest coastal…

…Ōkawa Jinbei, a wealthy merchant from Yokohama was visiting Aizu Wakamatsu and adopted Kashi as his daughter. In 1871 at the age of seven, Ōkawa Kashi was admitted to and studied at Isaac Ferris Seminary led by Mary E. Kidder-Miller, a…

…Łukasiewicz became a wealthy man and one of the most prominent philanthropists in Central Europe’s Galicia. Because of his support for the region’s economic development, a popular saying attributed all paved roads to his guldens.

Beekeeping is another important source of income, particularly in the village of Anzer. And this very attractive countryside is now attracting tourists, on trekking holidays. However, on the whole İkizdere is not a wealthy region and the younger generations migrate to Turkey’s larger cities in search of jobs.

… provincial commander. Định enjoyed a reputation among the locals for his martial skills and knowledge of the military classics. He married the daughter of a wealthy resident of Tân An in nearby Dinh Tuong Province, having moved there after his father’s unexpected death. It was likely that he would have returned to central Vietnam if he had not married.

…Đôn’s father was the son of a wealthy Mekong Delta landowner, which allowed him to travel to France to study medicine. It was during this period that Đôn was born. He returned to France as an adult for his university study. He became a…

…Østerbro is one of the 10 official districts of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is located just north of the city centre, outside the old city gate Østerport which, after it was moved around 1700, used to be located close to present-day Østerport Station. From the beginning, Østerbro has been a wealthy district, and it remains one of the most affluent areas in Copenhagen.

… also hosts special exhibitions. The building is a former country house built by a wealthy merchant, active in the triangle trade on the Danish West Indies.

…Érico Veríssimo was the son of Sebastião Veríssimo da Fonseca and Abegahy Lopes Veríssimo. He was born into a wealthy family that went bankrupt, and consequentially didn’t manage to complete secondary school because of the need to work.

…Édouard Louis Joseph, Baron Empain (20 September 1852 – 22 July 1929), was a wealthy Belgian engineer, entrepreneur, financier and industrialist, as well as an amateur Egyptologist. During World War I he became a known Major-General.

…Æthelflæd married Edmund in 944 following the death of his first wife Ælfgifu, mother of the future kings Eadwig and Edgar. She and Edmund are not known to have had any children, and Edmund was killed in 946, leaving Æthelflæd as a wealthy widow.

…Ælfric Cild (fl. 975-985) was a wealthy Anglo-Saxon nobleman from the east Midlands, ealdorman of Mercia between 983 and 985, and possibly brother-in-law to his predecessor Ælfhere. He was also associated with the monastic reformer…

… the Unready, and Ælfgifu’s brothers, Ufegeat and Wulfheah, were blinded. Wulfric Spot, a wealthy nobleman and patron of Burton Abbey, was the brother of Ælfhelm or Wulfrune. The family again came under suspicion during the invasion of England by Swein Forkbeard, King of Denmark, in 1013-14, and further members were charged with treachery and killed.

…Ásíyih Khánum was born Ásíyih Yalrúdí the only daughter of Mírzá Ismá’íl Yalrúdí, the vazír or minister. Ásíyih Khánum was born in the village of Yal Rud in Mazandaran, Persia to a wealthy noble family. Her father Mírzá Ismá’íl was a…

Zélie de Chaumet (Jeans) is a bored, sensation-seeking demimondaine, living with her older lover and keeper Herman Stetz (Robert Scholtz) in a lavish apartment in a wealthy area of Paris. By contrast career criminal Pierre Boucheron (Novello), known as The Rat, lives with his casual girlfriend Odile (Marsh) in a run-down room in a squalid part of the city.

Zvizdić was a wealthy Muslim whole-trader in Sjenica. He became a city governor and armed many local Muslims and organized them as militia during the war. In December 1941 Zvizdić refused to allow Partisans to capture Sjenica because he…

Zu Shenatir (fl. 5th century Yemen) was a man in the Himyarite Kingdom (modern-day Yemen) known as one of the first recorded serial killers. He was reportedly a wealthy man, and lived in Aden.

Zoé de Gamond was born in Brussels into a wealthy liberal family. Her father had been governor of the province of Antwerp in the time of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, and was a lawyer and professor after 1830 in the independent Kingdom of Belgium. Her mother was of noble origin and held regular salons through which Zoé became active in politics.

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