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Tamara (1981) which ran parallel stories running in 13 different rooms. The audience would need to decide for themselves which stories they wanted to follow. Fulop and Riley watched the play three times over the course of a weekend in 1985.

Zirinsky joined the CBS News Washington Bureau when she was 20 years old in 1972 while a sophomore in college at American University as a weekend production clerk. Her senior year she helped write stories about the Watergate Scandal. She…

… the protagonist Zara. The movie was shot over a weekend for a paltry budget of ZAR 75,000. It was released on DVD by the Durban based distributor AA Video.

Zagar continues to create mosaic murals in Philadelphia, mainly around the South Street area. He has completed over 200 of these murals since 1968 and continues to work. He hosts a weekend workshop during the last weekend of each month…

Z-gram 27 (21 September 1970): eliminated routine local operations over a weekend by ships sailing from their home port.

York Days – An annual event which takes place around the downtown York Beach area. York Days takes place on a weekend in early August every year. Events include a craft fair, a soft-ball tournament, and a large fireworks display on the…

Yes, My Darling Daughter is a 1939 American screwball comedy film directed by William Keighley and starring Priscilla Lane. Ellen Murray (Priscilla Lane) is a young woman is determined to spend a weekend with her lover, Douglas Hall (Jeffrey Lynn) before he takes off to Europe for his new job.

Years ago Harry Mason’s father brutally killed his entire family and Harry’s body was never found. Flash forward to the present, where several of Harry’s now-teenaged childhood friends decide to get together for a weekend retreat in the…

… mansion was built for New York City socialite Elizabeth Schermerhorn Jones (1810-1876) as a weekend and summer residence. The design is attributed to local architect George Veitch. A master mason, John Byrd, executed the highly varied ornamental brickwork using only rectangular and few molded bricks.

World Group Semifinals and Final are played over on a home and away knock-out basis, and take place over a weekend in July (Semifinals) and September (Final).

… publication called Navvies Notebook, which informed people about what was happening. It allowed volunteers to be drawn from a wider area, and in 1967, a record 45 people participated in a weekend working party on the canal. The canal was…

Word – University of Aberdeen writers festival was a book festival that took place from 1999 until 2011, initially every two years and latterly every year, over a weekend of May at the University of Aberdeen. Authors, thinkers and…

… as being in the hunt for the weekend. However, a weekend charge never mounted despite good ball striking and he settled for T40th at 1-under par.

… teaching drumming. WDI provides women with a support network and drumming retreats. WDI also sponsors a drumming camp called Born To Drum in California. The first camp started in 2006. The drum camps take place annually over a weekend in the early summer at Chabot Regional Park.

… open. It is a weekend destination and tourist area, with restaurants, the theme park Play Hill and the areas Meeting Square, Arts Square, Performance Square, and Good Harvest Square.

… musicians. Whether the occasion is a housefilk in someone’s home or a convention (festival) over a weekend, filk culture encourages respectful listening regardless of the performers’ skill level and manifest opportunities for participation from single songs in a musical circle to scheduled concerts.

… barracks, and Walmer became a weekend retreat for the Prime Minister, Asquith, exploiting its good communication links with the front line in France.

… reviews and magazines such as The Yale Review, Poetry, The Paris Review, and The New Yorker until the end of her life. A collection of her poems, A Table of Content, and a short novel, Chasm: A Weekend, were both published in 2004. Her second collection of poems, Coming to That, was published by Graywolf Press in 2011.

With the advent of the automobile, Idyllwild became a weekend tourist attraction for people in Southern California. For many years, the town presented itself as an alpine village, and hotels and businesses had German or German-sounding names, but this practice ended during World War II.

With pristine beaches, historical temples, caves and forts scattered around, Dapoli has something to offer everyone. The popularity of Dapoli is increasing these days, with many tourists from Mumbai and Pune visiting it as a weekend destination.

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