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…Șerban Sebastian Huidu (born July 16, 1976 in Bucharest) is a Romanian radio and TV star. He hosted, together with Mihai Găinușă, the morning show on Romanian radio station Kiss FM, and a weekly satire show (Cronica Cârcotaşilor) on the Romanian channel Prima TV.

…Šilinger contributed to the Catholic newspaper Hlas and became its chief editor in 1896. He changed it from a weekly to a daily newspaper. He was elected to the Imperial Council in Vienna in 1901. In 1906, he became national and later imperial representative in Vienna and also a representative of the Moravian Diet.

…İnkılâpçı (“Revolutionary”) was a weekly newspaper in Cyprus, closed in 1955.

…Új Szó was established by a party order on 1 December 1948. It originally started as a weekly magazine of the Hungarian branch of the Communist Party of Slovakia (KSS) first printed on 15 December 1948, but quickly transformed into a daily newspaper which was first printed on 1 May 1949.

…Új Szó (New Word) is a Hungarian language only daily newspaper published in Bratislava, Slovakia. It also publishes a weekly Sunday supplement titled Vasárnap (Sunday, before 1990: Vasárnapi Új Szó).

…Øy-Blikk was established in 1985 by Odd Egil Valderhaug. It is a weekly newspaper and it appears on Thursdays. The newspaper is published in Nynorsk. Its office is located in Valderøy, and it is edited by Hilde Røsvik. The newspaper is governed by the Ethical Code of Practice for the Norwegian Press.

…Østfold Arbeiderblad was started as a weekly newspaper in 1933 as the Communist Party of Norway organ in the county. It went defunct in December 1937 as a consequence of the party’s decision to prop up the main newspaper Arbeideren.

…Øst-Finnmark was started as a weekly newspaper in 1947 as the Communist Party of Norway organ in the region. A second Communist newspaper in the region was Vardø Framtid. Both these newspapers went defunct in 1951.

…Östergötlands Arbetartidning was a communist weekly newspaper published in Norrköping, Sweden from October 1945 to April 1957. It had a weekly edition of around 10,888 in 1945.

…ÖVW ceased publication in 1938. The magazine was restarted on a weekly basis at the end of 1945.

…Ógra Fianna Fáil operates a weekly online news bulletin called Cursaí Óige (Youth Affairs) informing its members of current and upcoming events within the organisation and the general party itself.

…Ó Murchú has performed on TG4 on numerous occasions and has presented a number of programmes, most notably, Geantraí. He is known for broadcasting a weekly summer radio show, Turas Ceoil, on RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta relating to Irish music.

…Ó Muircheartaigh writes a weekly sports column for Foinse, the Irish-language newspaper free with the Irish Independent each Wednesday.

Italian. He has written a number of stories and novels. His first novel was published to critical acclaim in 2007 and translations into nine languages including Japanese and Korean. Before writing novels, Ó Guilín wrote a number of plays and worked on a weekly print comic with the artist Laura Howell, Sneaky, the Cleverest Elephant in the World, aimed at kids.

… planned a conference on this subject in Haiti in 1942. Depestre created a weekly magazine with three friends: Baker, Alexis, and Gérald Bloncourt: The Hive (1945-46). “One wanted to help the Haitians to become aware of their capacity to…

… television personality on theshows On n’est pas couché on France 2 between2006 and 2011, Ça se dispute on i>TÉLÉ between 2003 and 2014, and Z comme Zemmour on RTL since January 2010. Starting September 2011, he has hosted Zemmour et Naulleau, a

…Élet és Irodalom (also known as ÉS; meaning Life and Literature in English) is a weekly Hungarian magazine about literature and politics.

…Ås Avis (The Ås Gazette) is a weekly newspaper in the municipality of Ås, Norway published by Mediehuset Indre Østfold/Follo, part of Amedia. The first issue was published on May 26, 2006, and the company also began issuing Vestby Avis at…

…Året Runt (meaning All Year Around in English) is a weekly women’s and family magazine published in Malmö, Sweden. Founded in 1946 it is one of the longest-running magazines in the country.

Zumba Dance Fitness Party is an Indian Hindi dance fitnessreality television series, which premiered on 2 April 2016 and is broadcast on Zoom. The series is a weekly series, airing on every Saturday. The series is a special six-episode series.

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