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Zídek was a welcome guest in foreign opera houses beginning early in his career. He sang at the Vienna State Opera from 1956 to 1971 and at the Deutsche Staatsoper in Berlin from 1954 to 1968. In addition, he appeared in other European opera houses, in South America and at the Wexford opera festival in Ireland.

Your Spectrum reviewed Southern Belle in October 1985, giving an average rating of 5 out of 10. The reviewers felt that Belle made a welcome change from space games and had intuitive controls, but was ultimately lacking in excitement.

Young professionals can provide a welcome increase in a local area’s tax base and can also create a snowball effect of attracting and infusing young energy and talent into an area. Young professionals can also organize themselves and bring energy to shape communities and alter local or ethnic politics.

Young lawyers Fred Palmer and Tom Reagan open an office down the hall from one occupied by L.T. Mitchell, who fronts a slot-machine operation run by Monk Walter, a brutal racketeer. Fred and Tom extend an invitation to a welcome party to Mitchell, who declines, but his stenographer Mildred Anderson accepts and quickly develops a romantic attraction to Fred.

… successful season for a long time and a welcome piece of good news after their recent fall from the First to Fourth Division in successive seasons.

a welcome bout for the NBA’s public relations manager. He was awarded with Japan’s Fight of the Year and Technical Award in his debut year. His ring name was changed into 米倉 健志, pronounced the same, during his professional career. He captured the vacant Japanese flyweight title in January 1959.

Yeontan (연탄, Yeontan) is the name for large coal briquettes used in South Korea for cooking and home heating. Made of coal dust and a gluing agent, they were a welcome alternative to firewood and natural coal partly because they came in a…

Years have passed and Lea, with Lucky Girl (Park), goes back to the Philippines to live with her best friend. At the airport, Tina, with Lucky Boy (Bitangcol), gets ready for her best friend’s arrival by arranging a welcome home party.

Worden is actively involved in the International Space University (ISU), where he is a welcome guest teacher at the ISU Space Studies Program (formerly Summer Session Program). His continued support led to the selection of NASA Ames as the host for the 2009 ISU SSP program in the months July and August 2009.

Consequently, both architects were invited to submit designs for a display village of model project houses in Carlingford, in 1961, proving to be a successful event that signalled the architect designed project house to be a welcome alternative to the individually designed and standard range houses of the time.

Woodall is a small hamlet in the civil parish of Harthill with Woodall situated in the Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham, South Yorkshire England. In the 2001 government census the parish as a whole had 1,909 inhabitants. It is home to a Welcome Break service station of the same name.

… points from the top two, the FA Cup provided a welcome distraction as the team entered their best performance of the campaign to eliminate Premier League high flyers Newcastle United in a thrilling televised tie.

… abbot and some of the monks found a welcome in the Canton of Unterwalden, which invited them to undertake the management of the cantonal college at Sarnen. There the main body of the monks resided, until the Austrian Emperor, Ferdinand I,…

… return to Mackay for the 2014 QBL season was a welcome one to the club and fans. Playing for his hometown team again, Blanchfield dominated the competition, leading his team to the Grand Final and earning all-league honours for a third time. In 18 games, he averaged 19.3 points, 8.9 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 1.1 steals per game.

… were used in the spaceship. Bread chunks and salt were a welcome at the Mir space station, a tradition that was extended on the International space station. Bread and salt are also a welcome for cosmonauts returning to Earth.

… achieved a respectable 12th-place finish in the table. The side’s form dipped in 1998-99 league, but they avoided relegation on the last day of the season. In 1999, Southampton was given the go-ahead to build a new 32,000-seat stadium in the St Mary’s area of the city, a welcome move after playing in the cramped Dell since 1898.

… annum, and were therefore a welcome source of secondary income, quite apart from the droppings that they left on the land. At that time sheep were not reared for their meat.

Mamluks a welcome pretext to rid themselves of him. Trabluslu Ali Pasha was sent under an escort/ guard of forty-five men towards the Syrian frontier; about a week later, news was received that during a skirmish with some of his own soldiers, he had fallen mortally wounded.

With Josh under added pressure from his older and more successful brother Nick, (Simon Russell), to join the family advertising business, Jess finds a welcome distraction in Billy (Hamish Blake), an on again/off again ex who has recently returned home from an overseas adventure. When there is no-one else, there is always Abby, (Leah de Niese), the back up friend.

With Ali Pasha in the hands of the beys, a horseman was seen to leave his tent one night at full gallop, and it was discovered that he bore a letter to a forbidden destination. This gave the Mamluks a welcome pretext to rid themselves of…

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