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Toki: a Danetti (from the planet Danet) mouse femme is a friend and confidant to Erma Felna. She is a staff officer for the Extra-Planetary Defense forces (EDF). Toki has large soft ears, very expressive eyes, a well rounded figure, and is very outgoing and free with her attentions.

Moscow in 1897. Along with Jacobsohn Flatau wrote a well known textbook of comparative anatomy of the nervous system of mammals (1899).

Tofano one night locks his wife out of the house: she, finding that by no entreaties may she prevail upon him to let her in, feigns to throw herself into a well, throwing therein a great stone. Tofano comes out of the house, and runs to the spot: she goes into the house, and locks him out, and hurls abuse at him from within.

Today, the site makes an agreeable sporting promenade. The site exhibits very little in the way of remains – among other finds, a well was discovered in 1928. The castle is listed as a monument historique by the French Ministry of Culture and is state property.

Today, the largest centre of ngob production lies in Bang Pahan District in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, where it is a well known OTOP product in many villages. Ngob from Bang Pahan are sold all over the country. However, there has been a gradual decline in its use, as traditional agriculture methods have become supplanted by technology.

Today, the Sherbro-Tuckers have descendants living all over the world. They are still a well known, prominent family in Sierra Leone, and are known there for their distinctive looks particularly their ‘big eyes’. Many Tuckers still even hold positions of power in Sherbro society. They are also known for their strong emphasis on a good education.

Today, pad printing is a well established technology covering a wide spectrum of industries and applications.

Today, forensic anthropology is a well established discipline within the forensic field. Anthropologists are called upon to investigate remains and to help identify individuals from bones when other physical characteristics which could be…

Today, flip chip is a well established technology and collapsed soft solder connections are used in the vast majority of assemblies. Interestingly, the copper post stand-off developed for the CSP market has found a home in high-density interconnects for advanced micro-processors and is used today by IBM for its CPU packaging.

Today, based on the technologies and practices Dr. Strandness developed, vascular ultrasound is a well established field. Technologists, known as vascular sonographers, specialize in this specific branch of ultrasound scanning.

… award with his micro blue beetroots. Similarly, Moseley has a well defined and established community spirit and ethos, exemplified by Moseley Neighbourhood Forum – a neighbourhood forum – that works to develop the area for the betterment of…

Today, MPCA is a well recognized for its multi-faceted efforts for the growth of cricket in this part of the country. MPCA is one of the few states in India having two Internationally recognized cricket stadiums, One at Indore – The Holkar…

Today the hamlet is a well known stop on the Appalachian trail due to the close proximity to the trail of its post office, food, and lodging.

… are two hangars currently (2014) certified by CASA as maintenance hangars, two additional covered storage hangars and a well equipped medical facility. There is camp accommodation with individual rooms for 71 pax and facilities include a…

… buildings are associated with the parish church, namely a sundial, a former school, and a lychgate, and the last is a structure over a well or spring in the grounds of the now-demolished Hollinshead Hall.

Tobias Levitt, or Toby as he was known, was born in 1908 in South Africa and became a well known and respected figure in the international medical world, writing a standard textbook on the thyroid.

Tobacco usage in sport is a well documented and publicised occurrence. Tobacco advertising has connected itself to sports both for the connotations of health that sports provide, as well as the marketing potential of famous athletes.

To this end, an allotment has been established on the school grounds, and a well has been dug to provide water both for the school and for the village. Alongside their classes, the pupils learn how to take care of the plants without using…

… entertainer—is a well known and oft-cited event amongst Iranians. Farrokhzad is also remembered for being one of the very few homosexual public figures of his time.

To this day his last surviving relative is still living in Heybridge Essex, Also called Jonathan Marsh he is a well known face and was featured in battling the Bailiffs with Chrisy Morris and can be found walking the streets of maldon helping the needy.

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