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… that they wait a while, perhaps they could salvage it. Later, selecting only customers she knew, Bernice asked in a whisper if they would like to try a new flavor. She would add, “It is more expensive than the other flavors because it has…

With a total of twelve nominations, the Kenyan film From a Whisper led the nomination count, while Uganda’s Battle of the Souls and South Africa’s Gugu and Andile followed with ten nominations each. Nigeria’s Arugba received nine…

… whisper, is generally used only for dramatic or emphatic purposes. Whispering also takes less effort to vocalize than a normal speech pattern. This is because less air needs to be used to vocalize the sound. However, while it takes less effort to produce a whisper, it tires out the vocal folds more quickly.

While standing on either side of the entry lobby, one can distinctly hear people on the other side speaking in as low a voice as a whisper. This so-called whispering gallery effect is produced by the curved geometrical shape and hard surfaces of the ceiling.

… may have a secondary propane valve that releases propane more slowly and thereby generates a different sound. This is called a whisper burner and is used for flight over livestock to lessen the chance of spooking them. It also generates a…

… with a priest), such did not move her to abandon her criminal acts. The final scenes show her on top of the pecking order, with what used to be her masters but are now on her beck and call. A whisper by Gerald makes her laugh like a demon.

When captured, a Jamaican fruit bat will warn conspecifics with a distress call made of a long series of pulses typically lasting 15 kHz. The Jamaican fruit bat will also react to the distress calls of other species and to their own recorded calls. The fruit bat is considered a whisper bat and makes 3 low-intensity FM pulses during flight and when resting.

Upbeat and engaging, shout band music consists of three sections: the recitive and call, which involves a musical statement from the trombones; the aria, which develops the melody and tempo; and the shout, the ending call-and-response. As the song progresses, the sound intensifies from a whisper at the beginning to an exuberant crescendo during the shout.

… the grim state of the dried-up town and report on it, but Arshtat scorns this; she declares that Lordlake’s citizens deserve their desolation for stealing the Dawn Rune. Arshtat’s husband Ferid pulls her back to her senses, and she dismisses the inspection party with a whisper.

Toward the end of his life, most of his subsequent books were dictated in a whisper. He continued his involvement in Dr Shelton’s Health School (now the seventh organization under that name).

TinyHELL was the second TinyMUD server and included a whisper command.

Three-packs-a-day smoker Jack Hawkins’ voice is audibly fraying: it was almost the last film he made before surgery for throat cancer removed his vocal cords and left him with little more than a whisper.

This species is a moth specialist, and may feed almost exclusively on Lepidoptera. However, this species’ diet may include small moths, flies, lacewings, dung beetles, sawflies, and other small insects. This species is a whisper bat, which means that it echolocates at much lower intensities than other bats and may be difficult to record using a bat detector. This may be in part because this species specializes on moths, and some moths have the ability to hear bats and may produce their own noises to ‘jam’ a bat’s echolocation in an effort to thwart predation.

This lineup released the single Even At A Whisper (Your Voice Is Power).

There was never a whisper of an accusation, even from rivals in business, that he sought or obtained, during a decade and half of his time as a Central legislator, advantage in furtherance of his business. Standards of probity in public life meant for him standards of rectitude in the way he ran his business as well.

The state Democratic Party was accused of launching a whisper campaign alleging that Lingle was a lesbian, and that she would abolish Christmas as a state holiday. Previously, Governor Cayetano had given state workers all of Christmas Eve…

… live unamplified music and a whisper can be heard by the entire audience. The inner courtyard seats 370 to 390 spectators, depending on the size of the stage and the orchestra pit for a given production.

… the other main highlights of the match were Hardy performing a Whisper in the Wind on Orton; and, laterexecuting a Moonsault from the top-rope to Orton outside the ring. When Hardy brought Orton back in the ring and tried to deliver a Twist of Fate, Orton suddenly reversed it into an RKO and pinned Hardy to retain his WWE title.

… submitted their work-in-progress material to Atlantic, who approved of the material and green-lighted a full-length album. The band’s debut album, Leave a Whisper was released May 27, 2003. The album was eventually certified platinum by the…

The film was written and shot under the title From a Whisper to a Scream, but it was changed to The Offspring for the American release. However, when it was released on DVD it was released under its original title. The Blu-ray release of From a Whisper to a Scream was released by Scream Factory on April 28, 2015.

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