A Wide Range

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Jews and non-Jews from a wide range of political movements. Structurally, the organization was formed by Polish and Jewish underground political parties.

…Štruklji are a traditional Slovene dish, composed of dough and various types of filling. The dish comes in the form of rolls, which can be either cooked or baked, and can have a wide range of fillings. Štruklji has been traditionally…

Washington Times, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Huffington Post, The Economist and The Guardian.Her nonfiction work covers a wide range of topics, including belonging, identity, gender, mental ghettoes, daily…

…Þorvaldur has written regular columns on a wide range of subjects in the Icelandic newspaper Fréttablaðið since the early 2000s. He has been more prominent since the banking collapse of 2008.

…Ömer Faruk Tekbilek (born 1951, Adana, Turkey), also known as Omar Faruk Tekbilek, is a Turkish musician and composer, who plays a wide range of wind, string, percussion and electronic instruments. He has developed a style that builds on…

…Órbita manufactures a wide range of bicycle types including utility, mountain, racing, touring, hybrid, cruiser and BMX bikes. These include specific models for women, for men, for children, vintage bikes, two rider bikes, tricycles and folding bikes.

…Ólafsson wrote on a wide range of topics. His writing has made him known for his pro-conservation stance on the Icelandic language, which has undergone significant change since the 18th century.

…Ó Gallchobhair was a prolific composer and arranger of Irish traditional music for a wide range of instrumentations. He played in a number of orchestras and chamber ensembles for which he freuqently wrote or arranged music. Many of these were very popular during his lifetime and were frequently performed or broadcast.

… he produced from the first, to Angkor Wat, are amongst the earliest photographs of that site. Though he died at an early age he managed to make several hundred photographs in just over a dozen years featuring a wide range of subject matter including architecture, landscapes, and studio, ethnographic and genre portraits.

…École des Ponts offers a wide range of master’s degrees, drawing on its historical domains of expertise.

…ÇOMÜ library IT Services provides a wide range of services, support and facilities, including high speed network access, high specification PCs and quality help, training and advice. The IT hall is at the lower floor of the Main Library and include about 100 PCs for 7/24 hour unlimited usage.

…Åshild Watne has performed and composed music within a wide range of genres. She sings traditional songs and plays Norwegian harps and lyres on the album Julefred (1997) She wrote the songs for the children’s jazz album Maneten Medusa…

… often dealing with the inevitability of death. However, Veysel used a wide range of themes for his lyrics; based on morals, values, and constant questioning on issues such as love, care, beliefs, and how he saw the world as a blind man.

…Árbenz was asked to fill a vacant teaching position at the academy in 1937. Árbenz taught a wide range of subjects, including military matters, history, and physics. He was promoted to captain six years later, and placed in charge of the…

Zukertort filled his relatively short life with a wide range of other achievements as a soldier, musician, linguist, journalist and political activist. He became a naturalised citizen of the United Kingdom in 1878.

… popular Zork trilogy and was released for a wide range of computer systems, followed by Zork II and Zork III. It was Infocom’s first game, and sold 378,987 copies by 1986.

Zork III: The Dungeon Master is an interactive fiction video game written by Marc Blank, Dave Lebling, Bruce Daniels and Tim Anderson and published by Infocom in 1982. It was the third game in the popular Zork trilogy and was released for a wide range of computer systems. It is Infocom’s fourth game.

… released for a wide range of computer systems. It begins where Zork I left off and leads into Zork III. It is Infocom’s second game.

Zoran developed and marketed chips that were used in a wide range of consumer and professional electronics devices featuring image compression or video compression, including PC-based video capture and video editing devices, DVD players,…

ZooNorth is the original and oldest section of the zoo. It features a wide range of exhibits such as the Otter Outpost, Galápagos tortoises, and Bug U!. The Hill, one of the original parts of the zoo, was closed as many of the animals…

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