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…Švitrigaila fought against the Polish-Lithuanian forces at Lutsk in Volhynia, and at the same time started organizing a wider anti-Polish coalition. In June 1431, an agreement was reached with the Teutonic Knights: the Knights declared war…

…Švitrigaila began organizing a wider anti-Polish coalition. He negotiated with the Teutonic Knights, with Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund, with Moldavia, with the Golden Horde, and with the dukes of the eastern lands of the Grand Duchy of…

…Ševe was created as a part of a wider project that has a political, practical and legal segment.

… legal defence by a group of Slovenian attorneys of a striking miners in Kosovo, in a wider case known as the Vllasi case, a politically-driven procedure launched against Azem Vllasi and others prosecuted for their alleged spearheading of a…

…Òran Mór Session is a live recording by Scottish indie rock band The Twilight Sad, self-released as a limited edition tour-only CD EP in October 2014. The session was reissued with additional tracks and given a wider commercial release on 16 October 2015 via Fat Cat Records.

…Árstíðir became known to a wider internet audience in 2013 when a YouTube video of an impromptu a capella performance of Heyr himna smiður, (English: Hear, Smith of Heavens), a 13th-century Icelandic hymn, at the Bürger Bahnhof train station in Wuppertal, Germany went viral after a performance there. The video was shot by their PR manager.

Zite is a popular application that is similar to the Daily Me concept. It is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. is a similar service available on the web for PC and Mac users. noosfeer is addressing this issue by letting the users explore subjects with a wider range in the results, avoiding the filter bubble effect.

… the help of Indian assistants. In the absence of a printing press the books that had been prepared up until then had to be transcribed by hand. This proved to be a slow, laborious and expensive process. With the objective of facilitating a

ZiS-151’s tires have a larger cross section, 8.25 x 20 in versus the US6’s 7.50 x 20 in. Both had dual rear tires. The wider tires spread the load over a wider area. This allows the truck to be operated on softer surfaces.

Zanella’s products are aimed at all users through a wider and more varied range mopeds, motorbikes, bikes, quads, karts and 4-stroke engines, ranging from 50 to 500 cc. However, only the mopeds are manufactured in Argentina, at its plants in Caseros and San Luis; while almost all other products are imported; usually in the form of knock down kits..

Zahn, a Catholic and a pacifist, first heard of Jägerstätter in 1956, while doing research for an earlier book, German Catholics and Hitler’s Wars. He was impressed and inspired by Jägerstätter’s story and felt that it deserved a wider audience: “it was enough to convince me that this was indeed an amazing story, one deserving the widest possible attention”.

Foundation of Middle Tennessee in the wake of the 2010 Tennessee floods. Citing the wider world’s ignorance and negligence of the event, Adams wanted to spread the message of the floods, their repercussions, and Tennesseans’ response to a wider audience.

… artists are encouraged to reach out to an audience, so that budding amateurs, who previously created for friends, can develop a wider fanbase and become published artists. Typically, new artists…

… attempts to bring even smaller scales to the market, but they remain niche products without a wider following at this time (the largest market being T gauge at 1:450 scale, aka 3 mm gauge, designed in Japan and manufactured in China).

Yūsaku Matsuda (September 21, 1949 – November 6, 1989) was a Japanese actor. In Japan he was best known for roles in action films and a variety of television series in the 1970s as well as a switch to a wider range of roles in the 1980s. His final film appearance was as the villain Sato in Ridley Scott’s Black Rain.

… sword affords a wider reach. Although unable to cast any kind of magic by herself, she can use wind or thunder magic with her axe when she has the required magical artifacts that contain the spells to be cast, and fire magic with her sword when she finds it. Yunica’s gameplay is comparable to Adol’s in The Oath in Felghana and The Ark of Napishtim.

Youth media. Podcasting has become a way for youth media organizations, such as Youth Radio, to bring youth perspectives to a wider audience.

Young families moving into the neighborhood have planted a communal garden as part of a wider initiative in Jerusalem to cultivate interest in nature and environmental protection.

Young birds and eggs are threatened by a wider range of predators, including mammalian carnivores and reptiles.

Youle is noted for introducing the concept of mass pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV to a wider audience at the XVIth International AIDS Conference in Toronto, Canada in 2006. This was followed up by expanding the concept in publication, in collaboration with Mark Wainberg.

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