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… power with Bo and Braun. In the months following the January 1935 Zunyi Conference, in which Bo and Braun were removed from senior positions, Zhou mostly retained his position because he displayed a willingness to display responsibility,…

… work-life balance also indicated a much lower intent to leave the organization, greater pride in their organization, a willingness to recommend it as a place to work and higher overall job satisfaction.

I Never Knew gives a dynamic portrait of this central figure of history. The author examines some of the radical words of Jesus with a willingness to tackle the difficult questions raised by them, and asks whether today Christians are taking them seriously enough.

With the fight ending in a knockout, commentators speculated that Pacquiao could retire to focus on his congressional career. Pacquiao indicated a willingness to fight and said he would want a fifth fight with Marquez if it was offered to…

… prejudice, a willingness to explore the unfamiliar, even the repulsive, and to risk new adventures of sensibility.” At the same time, however, art has lost its ability to resonate at levels deeper than the intellect, to incite the passions.

Williamson made the 2006 team as a middle reliever, losing the closer’s job to Ryan Dempster. Williamson had expressed a willingness to be traded if it meant taking over the closer’s job for the new team. In early June, after making 23…

… the pace given by their opponent or using precision and angle. Speed and agility are key for the counterpuncher, as well as a willingness to patiently chase down every ball to frustrate opponents. Returning every aggressive shot that the…

While the proposed trolley is not a project of the MTA, the two groups have expressed a willingness to work together on certain elements of a transit plan for the area involved.

… attitudes can be painful and emotional, as these attitudes have often been developed as ways to cope with and make sense of the world. This type of learning requires taking risks, and a willingness to be vulnerable and have one’s attitudes and assumptions challenged.

San Francisco with women ages 18-44 within 24 hours of arrest, 29% were eligible for emergency contraception. Of these, 48% indicated a willingness to take emergency contraception. 71% responded that they would accept advance supply of…

While Finnr’s cane have existed solely as a studio project since their inception, The Bard has described a willingness to play live if the right opportunity presented itself.

Association) with a willingness to make the changes needed to raise WCW’s profile with mainstream media, its target audience and especially, TV advertisers. These changes including moving some television tapings from Atlanta to Disney-MGM…

… their specialty and experts on airpower and joint operations. During a TACP assignment, 1C4X1s must continually possess a high degree of self-motivation, enthusiasm and a willingness to operate often as the lone airman in a joint team.

… to plurality and democracy, as well as a willingness to cooperate with other opposition groups. They continue to maintain the original party symbolism.

… that General Tôn Thất Đính’s aggressive attitude following the Xá Lợi Pagoda raids staged under the Diệm regime in 1963 indicated a willingness to suppress Buddhist dissidents. Đính arrived in Huế on April 15.

What takes Cardiff into unique performance venues and into so many living rooms is a willingness to go where his fans want to see him.

… to investigate the circumstances before pulling the emergency brake. The conductor took one minute to go to the site in Coach 1. According to Dittmann, the train had begun to sway from side to side by then. The conductor did not show a

… to customers who preordered the canceled Septimus product, and indeed could not even afford to pay the postage to ship books to individuals who expressed a willingness to accept a refund in the form of products instead of money.

… however, that you bring a healthy appetite for family-style Lao food and a willingness to dance, sing and be merry. A small monetary gift to the newlyweds, placed in a white envelope, is also appreciated. Remember to dress politely: long trousers/skirt and a clean shirt that covers both shoulders and chest.

Wang initially had a willingness to spend money with the goal of making the Islanders competitive; however, recent team payrolls have decreased as the Islanders failed to reach the playoffs between the 2006-07 and 2012-13 seasons.

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