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…Ψ Denotes also a winner in one of the main categories.

…Đuričić entered the Veliki Brat house once again as one of the contestants at the Veliki brat VIP All Stars season, started on March 9, 2009. He became a winner of Veliki brat VIP All Stars on April 6, 2009.

…Élie Ducommun (19 February 1833, Geneva – 7 December 1906, Bern) was a peace activist. He is a winner of the 1902 Nobel Peace Prize, which he shared with Charles Albert Gobat.

Zoya Spasovkhodskaya (born March 31, 1949) is a former heptathlete from the Soviet Union, who was born as Zoya Baykalova. A winner of the bronze medal at the 1974 European Championships, she set the first world best year performance in 1980, gaining a total number of 6049 points on July 13, 1980 at a meet in Pyatigorsk.

… 2012. Zlatka entered the VIP Brother 5 house on Day 37 and stayed in the house as a guest until the end of the show on Day 63. She became a winner on Day 29.

… honours. By now he had already been a winner at the Paganini Competition In Genoa, the Bavarian Radio Competition in Munich, and the Queen Elizabeth Competition in Brussels in 1963. He made his concert debut at Amsterdam in 1964. Yossi…

Zinwrath: The Movie has had over 1,000,000 downloads and was a winner in the 2005 Blizzcon Movie Contest. It was also nominated for the 2006 Xfire Machinima Awards for Best Movie and for the Fourth Annual Golden Llamas award for Best World of Warcraft Movie. Zinwrath: The Movie was first aired on television on October 19, 2005 for G4TV’s Cinematech.

Zee Cine Award for Best Track of the Year is chosen from public-opinion poll, and the song is declared a winner at the actual ceremony. This category was first founded in 2004 and it is considered a prestigious award for a particular song of the film to win. In 2011, the category was renamed Zee Cine Award for Song of the Year.

Zdravko Vasilev is from Primorsko. He entered the house on Day 1 and became a winner on Day 92. An interesting fact is that his girlfriend Hristina contacted him during his stay in the house to tell him she was pregnant. On 26 March 2007…

Zamazaan was a winner of 5 stakes races from 2,400 metres to 3,100 metres.

Yuri Konstantinovich Stepanov (Ю́рий Константи́нович Степа́нов; June 7, 1967 – March 3, 2010) was a Russian film and theater actor, who worked at the Theater workshop of Pyotr Fomenko. He was a winner of several theatrical awards and appeared in productions of the Pyotr Fomenko Workshop, as well as a number of television series.

Yujiro Hayami (1932 – 2012) was a Japanese agricultural economist, widely considered to be an authority on the subject. He was a Rockefeller fellow at Iowa University, a winner of Purple Ribbon Medal and a Lifetime member of the…

Youth Choir Kamēr… is a Latvian mixed youth choir based in Riga, Latvia. It was founded in 1990 by Māris Sirmais. A winner of multiple national and international prizes and awards, including the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing in…

Young, talented and ambitious, Akhil has emerged from his adolescent problems as a winner and a survivor. He overcame all obstacles and even death to realise his dreams of being a successful dancer and a choreographer. Now he has the support and love of his family, but dreams do not last forever and he is about to realise that.

… maximum points, received the green jersey of the best sprinter, and Bahtyyar Gozataev became a winner of the mountain category.

York University Lions and Lakehead University Thunderwolves went to a fourth overtime period (50:13 minutes of overtime) on February 14, 2007 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, to decide a winner in OUA men’s playoff hockey action. Lakehead won the game at the 13-second mark of the fourth overtime period.

Yoram Moses received a B.Sc. in mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1981, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University in 1986. Moses is a co-author of the book Reasoning About Knowledge, and is a winner of the 1997 Gödel Prize in theoretical computer science and the 2009 Dijkstra Prize in Distributed Computing.

Yohan Hwang, South korean singer based in the Philippines and a winner in I Love OPM.

Years later, Pinal, with the help of her second husband, the producer Gustavo Alatriste, went to Spain, and convinced Buñuel to film Viridiana (1961), with Fernando Rey and Francisco Rabal. The film was a winner of the prestigious Palme…

… reality shows and done well in all of them. His wish is to be a performer not just a singer. Yashraj is a prodigy and can play the keyboard and guitar in spite of not taking any lessons in them. Eighteen-year-old Yashraj Kapil was a winner of…

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