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Zombiez is a 2005 American horror film written and directed by John Bacchus (as ZWS). It stars Jenicia Garcia, Jackeem Sellers, and Randy Clarke. Garcia plays a woman who fights to free her husband from a mad scientist played by Sellers.

Zombie Pirates is a 2014 American independent horror film starring Sarah French. In Zombie Pirates, Sarah French stars as a woman who gets into some serious trouble with Zombie Pirates when she forgets to offer them a sacrifice. The film was released on direct-to-DVD in the United States on January 21, 2014.

Zofia’s lecture consists of the students posing ethical problems to be discussed in class. One of the students poses the case of a doctor and a woman who needs to have an abortion, the very dilemma that is the subject of Dekalog: Two.

… to historian Michael Rostovtzeff, Catherine the Great liked to compare herself to Zenobia as a woman who created military might and an intellectual court. During the 1930s, thanks to an Egyptian-based feminist press, Zenobia became an icon for women’s-magazine readers in the Arabic-speaking world as a strong, nationalistic female leader.

Yul’s mother, a woman who married the current king’s older brother in order to become crown princess. Though she had loved the King in their youth, she chose to marry his older brother out of ambition and the desire to change the palace.

Your Sister’s Sister is a 2011 American comedy-drama film written and directed by Lynn Shelton and starring Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Mark Duplass. The film is about a woman who invites her male friend to stay at her family’s…

… the film is about a young man on the run from a murder charge who enlists the help of a woman who must put herself at risk for his cause. It is notable for an elaborately staged crane shot Hitchcock devised towards the end of the film, which identifies the real murderer.

Yoshie is a woman who was briefly involved with Mataichi. Mataichi flaunts his relationship with Yoshie in front of Masako and often compares the two: “Yoshie is not as beautiful as Masako, but she’s not as icy as is either”(28).

Ygritte is a wildling woman known for her red hair. She is fierce and headstrong. In wildling culture she is known as a spearwife: a woman who is also a warrior.

… convinced that the evil spirit has infiltrated her camera lens and is killing people. First the interviewer who makes fun of Deb is killed, then a woman who shouts at Deb for damaging her car while parking, then the lurking old neighbour woman. Deb…

Yenta or Yente (יענטאַ) is a Yiddish designation for a woman who is a gentlewoman or noblewoman coming from the Yiddish translation of yenta to genteel/gentle.

X-linked recessive disorder will not be affected, and his daughters will carry one copy of the mutated gene. A woman who is a carrier of an X-linked recessive disorder (XRXr) has a 50% chance of having sons who are affected and a 50% chance…

… father went to Morocco to operate on a woman who would not allow anyone else to attend to her. He visited friends in Southern Rhodesia, fell in love with it, and brought his daughter and her stepmother to live with him there.

Wu Zhang Mei (Cheryl Yang) is a woman who grew up with a strong sense of justice. One day, her childhood friend and classmate An De Feng (Yao Yuan Hao) returns to their hometown after leaving suddenly when they were young. As An De Feng…

Written and produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis with Ralph Tresvant, Johnny Gill and Ricky Bell on lead vocals, this mid-tempo song is about a man being fancied by a woman who he thinks is not his type, and is trying to gently let her down. His friends, meanwhile, can’t understand his lack of interest in said female, who they believe is a catch.

Writer and director Rusudan Chkonia was inspired to write the film after meeting a woman who had been dragged through a humiliating and somewhat questionable beauty contest and the stories she shared. Early drafts of the screenplay had…

… source of inspiration was a letter in a magazine read to him by his wife, written by a woman who had been jilted by her fiancé on the day of her wedding.

Wormhole Chasers is a 2007 four-minute short film about a woman who opens her door and finds several people there because a wormhole is about to open in the corner of her apartment.

Working for an emergency response team investigating a huge flaming apparition of a woman that damages several city blocks, she discovers a previously unknown plasm well of tremendous power (the apparition being caused by a woman who blundered…

… single species. The FDA was aware of Molliver’s work at the time it approved a Phase 1 study in which humans received ibogaine in 1993. Neuropathological examination revealed no evidence of degenerative changes in a woman who had received…

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