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…Švorcová worked in television, theater and film during the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. She spent more than forty years at the Vinohrady Theatre in Prague. Her best known work came during the 1970s in the Czechoslovak television series, Žena za pultem or A Woman Behind the Counter.

…Šumma izbu, “If a reject (= anomalous birth)” is an ancient Mesopotamian compendium of around 2,000 teratological omens, on 24 tablets probably formed from three separate earlier series on odd human births, šumma sinništu arâtma, “if a

… after marrying a woman from Niš and starting a family. Though the family lived in Belgrade, Aleksandar was born in Niš due to his mother visiting her relatives at the time.

… twelve days later when Murad arrived and Nurbanu delivered up the body of her late husband. Her son became Sultan Murad III and Nurbanu became Valide Sultan, the highest position a woman could hold in the Ottoman Empire. Unlike her predecessor…

…Śvētāmbaras also believe that women are able to obtain moksha. Śvētāmbaras maintain that the 19th Tirthankara, Māllīnātha, was a woman.

…Śukasaptati, or Seventy tales of the parrot, is a collection of stories originally written in Sanskrit. The stories are supposed to be narrated to a woman by her pet parrot, at the rate of one story every night, in order to dissuade her from going out to meet her paramour when her husband is away.

… tracks of bird calls, in which a woman would say the name of each bird before the song of the bird would play. He listened to this record. Walking with his parents near their vacation home one day, they heard a bird singing, and he then…

…İvedik’s grandmother also wants him to get married. He tries to find a woman with the assistance of a young worker of the company, Ali Kerem (Çagri Büyüksayar). They do not succeed, but Kerem helps İvedik by disguising as a woman and accompanying him to his grandmother, where they pretend they are in love.

…İlyasova is the son of Crimean Tatar parents, Anvar and Iraliye İlyasova. İlyasova is married to a woman named Julia, who was born in Belarus. They have two daughters, Xenia and Catherine, who were born in Milwaukee.

…İlyas (Kadir İnanır) is a truck driver from İstanbul who comes to a remote village to work in the construction of a dam. When his truck gets stuck in the muddy dirt road, he comes across Asya (Türkan Şoray), a woman from the village who he…

Từ was raised solely by his mother, a woman named Vũ Thị Kim Chi. When Từ was 14 years old his mother sent him to study Confucianism under a local scholar named Nguyễn Đức Khoa. Đào Duy Từ was however forbidden from taking the court…

… the Vietnamese. Upon the death of the last Ngô king in 965, he seized power and founded a new kingdom the capital of which was in his home district of Hoa Lư. To establish his legitimacy in relation to the previous dynasty, he married a

Glog, he abducted a woman, Jelena, the wife of a pečalbar (seasonal worker) in Austria-Hungary. According to Toma’s daughter-in-law Ljubica Stanković, Čakr-paša had forced himself on Toma’s two female cousins (and thereby a motive for his…

… Óttar protested against an incident of police violence, in which a woman was knocked over against a bench in the street and in which the police commented that the positioning of the bench had been ‘unfortunate’, by circulating a photograph of himself sitting on the bench holding a sign saying ‘This bench is unfortunate’.

…Émilie received a bourgeois educational training at a Catholic private school, and qualified to become a teacher, which if a woman were to have a career was limited to education.

… eventually finds him, unaware he is infected and insane and he strangles her. Élizabeth hears her screams and finds her dead and tied up to a door, where Lucas chops off her head. As the zombies chase her, a woman rescues her. This woman…

…Élizabeth is travelling by train to Roublès to live with her fiancé, the owner of the vineyard. She makes a friend with a woman on the train. The worker with the neck pain boards the train and stares at Élizabeth’s friend. Élizabeth…

a woman and her obsessively overprotective bourgeois husband, and touches of surrealism. The film was entered into the 1953 Cannes Film Festival.

… on the nearby rue de Rome, this canvas, now in the National Gallery of Art at Washington D.C., portrays a woman with a small dog and a book as she sits facing us in front of an iron fence; a young girl to her left views the railroad track and steam beyond it. At the time of its first exhibition it was caricatured and the subject of ridicule.

Zula Swanson was a woman of color who relocated to Anchorage from the lower 48. She was known to have a boarding house and some property on the banks of Goose Lake. She became one of the wealthiest women in Anchorage during her life.

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