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… football club). In Bosnian, both fudbal and nogomet are equally used as a word for football. The word fudbal is dominant in eastern and nogomet in western parts of the country. Since 2000, club’s name is officially with initial FK again.

…Ŭ was previously part of the Romanian alphabet. U with breve was used only in the ending of a word. It was essentially a Latin equivalent of the Slavonic back yer found in languages like Russian. Unpronounced in most cases, it served to…

…Īhām in Persian, Kurdish and Arabic poetry is a literary device in which an author uses a word, or an arrangement of words, that can be read in several ways. Each of the meanings may be logically sound, equally true and intended.

…Čepovan was attested in written sources in 1301 as Kampowan (and as Zampuano in 1377 and Tschepawan in 1507). The name may be borrowed from a Romance reflex of Latin *clampuānum, which may be related to the Latin place name Clampētia. On the other hand, it may be a borrowing from a word based on Friulian ciamp ‘field’.

…Ālap, likewise, has some of the characteristics of a mater lectionis because in initial positions, it indicates a glottal stop (followed by a vowel), but otherwise, it often also stands for the long vowels ā or ē. Among Jews, the influence of Hebrew often led to the use of Hē instead, at the end of a word.

…Ó Scealláin is the name of an Irish family, originally from County Wexford, derived from a word meaning kernel. It is nowadays rendered as Scallan.

…Ékongo is a word of dialect which can mean lance or javelin, a symbol of the warrior during tribal wars. He was a pious pagan animist. Édounga Zoa, the Cameroonian sorcerer, told him that he had been cursed not to have a son because of his crimes to defend his territory of Poupouma. When Regina Awundza was pregnant,…

Zydeco music is also a central theme in the German award-winning 2003 film Schultze Gets the Blues. The film is about a retired polka-playing miner living in rural eastern Germany, who hears zydeco music on the radio and, without knowing a word of English, embarks on a tragi-comical odyssey to Louisiana.

Zuskin’s performance blended with Alexis Granowsky’s system of organic interrelation of a word and gesture, plastics and rhythm of movements. His characteristic features were light humor and romanticism which gave additional tints to a…

… would use the word suwe. We’Wha may have used the word hanni which was a word reserved for young girls (Roscoe, 1991, p. 33). We’wha may have also dressed differently than the other boys, not wearing trousers, instead wearing a long shirt…

ZombiLingo is a French game where players are asked to find the right head (a word or expression) to gain brains and become a more and more degraded zombie. While playing, they in fact annotate syntactic relations in French corpora. It was designed and developed by researchers from LORIA and Université Paris-Sorbonne.

Zimuto Siding pronounced correctly as ZeeMooToe Siding, is named in the ChiKaranga language spoken locally after Chief Zimuto in whose area it is located. Zi is a word prefix denoting large size, and Muto is a noun meaning soup. So…

… pronunciation of a word by the fanqie method. The number of new created characters is similar in scale to the Chu nom of Vietnam. Even though an official alphabet-based writing system for Zhuang was introduced in 1957, Sawndip is still more often used in less formal situations.

Zenzizenzizenzic – a word to describe a number to the eighth power coined by Robert Recorde.

Zapotec is a tone language, which means that the meaning of a word is often determined by voice pitch. These tones are essential to understand the meaning of different words. The technical word for it is tonemes. The Zapotec language has several tonemes, in some there are 4 tones; high, low, rising and falling, and in some there are three; high, low and rising.

Zapotec is a tone language, which means that the meaning of a word is often determined by voice pitch (tonemes), essential for understanding the meaning of different words. The Zapotec languages features up to 4 distinct tonemes: high, low, rising and falling.

Zakoros is a word which pertains to individuals of the culture of ancient Greece.

Z (or B) : 11101000 if previous time slot was 0, 00010111 if it was 1. (Equivalently, 10011100 NRZI encoded.) Marks a word for channel A (left) at the start of an audio block.

You speak truly, O Achilli, and we cannot answer you a word. You are a Priest; you have been a Friar; you are, it is undeniable, the scandal of Catholicism, and the palmary argument of Protestants, by your extraordinary depravity. You have…

Yimbun takes its name from the Yimbun railway station, a word from the Dunibara dialect of the Waka language meaning bullrush (Typha angustifolia). It was briefly named Moorabool from 1904 to 1906 and then Kannangur from 1906 to 1914.

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