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…Ọsun-Ọsogbo Grove, the shrine of the annual rites of the deity and an important artistic center, was declared a World Heritage Site in 2005.

…Șaptebani was first mentioned in documents in 1425. There is a World War II memorial in the central square. The local geography of open plains broken by rolling hills and gullies show a major tank battle, with many thousands killed. After…

…Žydrūnas repeated his victory again in 2010, winning by countback against Brian Shaw in the closest finish in WSM history. Top IFSA competitor and fan favorite Mikhail Koklyaev finished third in his WSM debut. Žydrūnas set a world record in the giant wooden log lift with a lift of 212.5 kg (467.5 lbs.).

…Žan Kranjec (born 15 November 1992) is a World Cup alpine ski racer from Slovenia. He specializes in the technical events of giant slalom and slalom.

… over Portugal. He earned his first senior cap in a 1-1 World Cup qualifying draw against Mexico in 1980. Šegota scored twice in his 19 appearances. His final cap came in a 3-2 win over Guatemala in a World Cup qualifier in 1988. He was inducted into the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame in 2002.

… throughout his club career as well as the fastest ever in a World Cup, in 2002. He retired from football in 2008, only scoring once in single digits for his main team in 13 seasons; he was renowned for his heading ability.

…Şemsi Yaralı (July 20, 1982) is a world and European champion Turkish female boxer competing in the heavyweight division. She is a member of the Fenerbahçe SK in İstanbul, Turkey.

…Ōmori was the site of an army-administered prisoner-of-war camp during World War II. The inhumane conditions in the camp were described in detail in the award winning book Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and…

…Łukasz Dumański (pronounced WOO-kashz Doo-MON-ski, born 20 April 1983) is an Ivory Coast-born Polish-Canadian professional poker player who now resides in Canada. In 2007, he won a World Series of Poker bracelet in the $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Split 8 or Better. This was the first time this event was ever played at the World Series of Poker.

…Łachwa (or Lakhva) Ghetto was a World War II ghetto created on 1 April 1942 by Nazi Germany in the town of Łachwa in occupied Poland (now Lakhva, Belarus), with the aim of persecution, terror and exploitation of the local Jews. The ghetto…

…İrem Yaman is a world champion Turkish female taekwondo practitioner competing in the lightweight division, and an amateur kickboxer.

…Þingvellir National Park (Icelandic: þjóðgarðurinn á Þingvöllum) was founded in 1930, marking the one-thousandth anniversary of the Althing. The park was later expanded to protect the diverse and natural phenomena in the surrounding area, and was designated as a World Heritage Site in 2004.

…ÜberSoldier is a World War II-based first-person shooter, developed by Burut Creative Team and released in 2006. The game’s original Russian title is Восточный Фронт (translated: Eastern Front).

…Øyjord has worked with construction of machinery and equipment for mechanization of field experiments. Øyjord invented the interchangeable distributor heads in 1965. This made the Øyjord plot seeders to a world article with export to 57…

…Özyüksel won the gold medal at the 2015 Youth A World Championships held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Emperor (Khagan) but not a dictator. Like all Mongols at his time, he was raised and educated as a warrior from childhood, and as the son of Genghis Khan, he was a part of his father’s plan to establish a world empire. His military experience…

…Ögedei Khan, born Ögedei (c. 1186 – December 11, 1241) was the third son of Genghis Khan and second Great Khan (Khagan) of the Mongol Empire. He continued the expansion that his father had begun and was a world figure when the Mongol Empire reached its farthest extent west and south during the invasions of Europe and Asia.

…Éric Mouquet (born 19 March 1960 in Valenciennes, France), is the co-founder of the band Deep Forest. He won a Grammy Award in 1995, and a World Award for best world music album.

…Éric Lee Molina (born April 26, 1982) is an American professional boxer who has challenged twice for a world heavyweight championship: the WBC title in 2015 and the IBF title in 2016.

… time trial events. At the 1908 Games he served as the flag bearer for the French delegation, won a silver medal in the 660 yards sprint, and placed fifth in the 1,980 yards team pursuit. The same year he set a world record in the paced 500…

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