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Toivonen’s first World Rally Championship victory came with a Talbot Sunbeam Lotus at the 1980 Lombard RAC Rally in Great Britain, just after his 24th birthday. He had the record of being the youngest driver ever to win a world rally until…

Together, the teams covered the 674 mi in 127 and a half hours, which was considered a world record, incredibly done in extreme subzero temperatures in near-blizzard conditions and hurricane-force winds. A number of dogs died during the trip.

Together with the medina of Marrakech and the Menara Gardens, the Agdal Gardens were listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1985.

Together with the artillery battery on the lighthouse island near Durgerdam and the battery at the , Pampus protected the entrance to IJ Bay and the harbour of Amsterdam. It was part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam (Dutch: Stelling van Amsterdam). In 1996, UNESCO designated the entire Defence Line with its 42 forts a World Heritage Site.

Together with Troy Davis, he is the chairman of a world citizenship group, of which he is the Founder and President and the author of the ‘Dag Hammarskj√∂ld: Vision einer Menschheitsethik’ (Vision from a Human Ethic).

… events and contributed heavily to the team score on uneven bars with a world class routine (scored 16.150). She won the bronze medal with the team and placed 5th in the all-around and 7th on uneven bars. Following the Olympic games, Nistor…

Together with Bukit Barisan Selatan and Gunung Leuser National Parks, it forms a World Heritage Site, Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra. Kerinci Seblat National Park is also recognised as an ASEAN Heritage Site.

… took them about a year to create a first prototype that worked with self-circulation. The prototype still had one moving part, a ball valve, and was big and clumsy. Eventually the design was improved and their cooling solution was a world sensation. Albert Einstein once mentioned how astonished he was by their ingenious solution.

a world leader in applying genomic tools (such as DNA microarrays) to cancer research, having made important discoveries in the molecular basis of childhood leukemia.

Today, the mostly Romanesque buildings are a World Heritage Site of UNESCO. The church, known as Stiftskirche St. Servatius, is used by the Lutheran Evangelical Church in Germany.

Today, the company remains a world leader in water treatment.

Hospitaller fortifications are now listed on the National Inventory of the Cultural Property of the Maltese Islands, Malta’s national heritage register. The fortified city of Valletta has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since…

Today, the Aldabra giant tortoise is listed as an animal that is vulnerable to extinction in the wild. However, the Aldabra atoll has now been protected from human influence after having been declared a World Heritage Site, and is home to…

Today, sake has become a world beverage with a few breweries springing up in China, Southeast Asia, South America, North America, and Australia. More breweries are also turning to older methods of production.

Today, only ruins remain, surrounded by a grassy mound that was once the city walls. Since 2002, a restoration effort has been undertaken. In June 2012, Shangdu was made a World Heritage Site.

… amateur sport, despite some countries having high local-level participation. Further developments to the sport are being trialled, including a shortened version of the game played in a World Series format; netball is also being advocated for possible inclusion in the Olympic Games.

American tri-band phones utilize 850, 1800 and 1900 for widespread North American service but limited worldwide use. A new addition has been the quad-band phone, also known as a World Phone, supporting at least all four major GSM bands, allowing for global use (excluding non-GSM countries such as Japan or South Korea).

Today, more than 10 million guests visit the peninsula annually to see the beauty of the Falls and the Niagara Parks. Ecotourism has become more popular with more people finding and exploring out of the way places such as the Niagara Escarpment, named a world Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1990.

… displayed their willingness to be mentors to a new generation of Black swimmers. Soon after Cullen Jones, an African American freestyler became the first African American to hold or share a world record in swimming at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, he described his hopes that he would work to increase the number of African American children in swimming.

Today, export activities purchase many services, and the comparative advantage of an area may well lie in the services it produces. Peter Drucker (1986) imagines a world dominated by trade in ideas and designs. There is little merchandise trade because technology permits small-scale manufacturing. Such a world would change our ideas of what is considered basic.

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