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…Țăranu started learning go from Cristian Cobeli in 1989, at the age of 16. His first tournament was for players in the 10 to 4 Kyū range, when he was a 6 kyu. He won all eight games. He moved up to amateur 1 dan in a year, and just a year…

…Šekularac is also remembered as the perpetrator of an infamous on-pitch incident in fall 1962 when he assaulted referee Pavle Tumbas in the middle of a league match. He ended up serving a year and a half long suspension.

…Össur has been developing a bionic limb controlled using implanted myoelectric sensors developed by the Alfred Mann Foundation. One patient has used the limb for over a year, and reports a positive experience. Ossur says that the implantable control sensors will be a technology upgrade for its prosthetics in three to five years.

… contended that Germany would be unable to export coal immediately, but German net coal exports had grown to 15 million tons within a year and by 1926 the tonnage exported had reached 35 million. Keynes also claimed that German national…

Miguel Delgado Álvarez. She had been bed-ridden for a year, but in very stable condition as her son was quoted as saying she had been out of the hospital for more than a year and that her vital signs were all normal.

Caroline Wozniacki, 6-4, 6-4, in the final. It was Zvonareva’s first title in over a year and the third time she had defeated the reigning World No. 1.

… own staff within a year and subsequently controlled its tasking, personnel, and operations. While under Zuo the detachment successfully established intelligence stations behind enemy lines throughout the Taihang-Shandong area, and set up an…

Znak (Polish for sign) is one of the largest Polish book publishing companies. Founded in 1959 and related to the Catholic Church in Poland, it has grown since 1989. It publishes about 300 titles a year, and employs about 100 people. Company publishes under three imprints: Znak, Znak Literanova, Znak Emotikon and owns another publisher Wydawnictwo Otwarte.

Yugoslavia she had a severe engine fire on 9 September 1929 off Flushing, Netherlands and was forced to return to Hamburg for repairs. These took almost a year and she was accepted by the Royal Yugoslav Navy on 20 August 1930. She was finally commissioned in 1931 after she was armed and finished fitting-out in Kotor.

Zindel was born in Tottenville, Staten Island, New York to Paul Zindel, Sr., a policeman, and Betty Zindel, a nurse; his sister, Betty (Zindel) Hagen, was a year and a half older than him. Paul Zindel, Sr. ran away with his mistress when Zindel was two, leaving the trio to move around Staten Island, living in various houses and apartments.

… ‘lower Zilje’) furthest east. A road from Vinica to Preloka runs through the village. The fields have sinkholes, and above them are sparse birch and fern woods, low-quality hay fields mowed once a year, and then mixed woods in the direction of Bojanci. The village lies on the sheltered lee of a hill, favorable for orchards and vineyards.

Theatre in Philadelphia. The show opened on Broadway at the Ziegfeld Theatre on December 27, 1927. The critics were immediately enthusiastic, and the show was a great popular success, running a year and a half, for a total of 572 performances.

… today has an income of $32 million a year, and over the years Zhirinovsky has demanded successive Ukrainian governments return it to him.

Zhang is married to Chen Naiqing, who is also an ambassador. They have a daughter. Zhang and his wife were posted to the U.N. Mission from 1988-92. Chen was ambassador to Norway (2003-2007) and ambassador to the Six Party Talks for a year and a half before coming to New York with her husband.

… arm, he resumed school. Later, he entered the Magyar Képzőművészeti Főiskola in Budapest (nowadays called Hungarian University of Fine Arts) in the fall of 1947, where he studied for over a year and a half. In 1949, as the new…

Zapatista cooperatives are governed by the general assembly of the workers which is the supreme body of the cooperatives, it is convened at least once a year and elects a new administrative council every 3 years. Through their operation,…

Zane was born in Leeds and attended Boston Spa School before going on to study Medicine at University College London, a course which he left after a year, and then Media and Communications at Goldsmiths College.

… during a year, and the rainfall centers on East Asian rainy season (梅雨) (aka bai-u rainy period) from April to June and typhoon period from July to December.

Yuri was the second son of Vasily III of Russia and Elena Glinskaya. He was a year and a half old when his father died of a leg abscess, and six when his mother was apparently poisoned. According to letters written by his older brother…

Ball High School in Galveston. Growing up along the Texas Gulf Coast initiated her interest in the space program (though she was born a year and a day late for the first Apollo moon landing).

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