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Tokar returned to London, where he remained for nearly a year before informing his colleagues that he was unable to tolerate it any longer and would risk traveling to Russia, whatever the consequences. In January 1909 he finally returned…

a year and a half the Toilet Böys line-up had solidified into the permanent, ‘classic’ line-up, under which they gained worldwide notoriety.

Toho was not fond of the logistics of the story, so the idea was dropped. When the Godzilla series would resume a year later in 1964, Mothra was brought in as Godzilla’s next opponent for the film Mothra vs. Godzilla instead.

Toho Tenax Europe GmbH manufactures carbon fiber. Toho Tenax Europe is Europe’s largest carbon fiber manufacturer, producing around 5,100 tons of carbon fiber a year on four lines.

Tohickon Creek offers whitewater conditions for kayaking in the spring with the winter snow melt and several times a year when water is released from Lake Nockamixon. The creek is also a warm water fishery with smallmouth bass, sunfish, carp and catfish. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission also stocks the creek with trout.

Together, the Port of Liverpool and Manchester Ship Canal offer a comprehensive range of port facilities, handling more than 40 million tonnes of cargo and 15,000 ship movements a year – making the River Mersey Britain’s third busiest estuary.

… 2010 nearly a year ahead of schedule, resulting in a goal increase to $850 million. In March 2012 the goal was raised to $1 billion. At OSU’s annual State of the University address in Portland on January 31, 2014, President Edward J. Ray…

Together with the Danish Operations Research Society, SORA publishes the ORbit magazine twice a year.

However, in September 2000, he was pardoned by Governing Mayor Eberhard Diepgen and released in December 2000, having served only a year. He was critical of the PDS/Left Party (i.e., successor of the Socialist Unity Party); in 2001, he collaborated with Bärbel Bohley as advisor of Frank Steffel (CDU).

… ship was renamed as HMCS St. Laurent and commissioned into the RCN on 17 February. St. Laurent was assigned to Halifax, Nova Scotia and arrived there in May. She remained there for a year before she was transferred to Esquimalt in 1938.

Together with about 10 students from different study programmes, all business students at Fontys in Venlo start their own company which is officially registered in the Dutch Commercial Registry. For nearly a year the students manage their…

Westmoreland Avenue, opposite the Bullocks Wilshire building. A year later, in 1909, they designed a Tudor Revival mansion for Arthur S. Bent (1863-1939), a building contractor, in Pasadena, California.

Sabatensis et Dagnensis”). Venetians attempted to capture Sati by force in 1396 but without success because Zaharia was supported by Ottoman Empire since in the meantime he had become an Ottoman vassal. Still, after a year Venetians managed to convince Koja to allow them to appoint Venetian citizen Progon Dukagjin on the position of castellan of Sati.

Together with Giustino and Berenice, Arminio is one of three operas Handel wrote within a period of half a year in 1736. He began with the composition of Giustino on 14 August 1736, followed by that of Arminio on 15 September. Having finished Arminio he resumed work on Giustino, which he finished on 20 October. In Mid-December, he went on to compose Berenice.

… took them about a year to create a first prototype that worked with self-circulation. The prototype still had one moving part, a ball valve, and was big and clumsy. Eventually the design was improved and their cooling solution was a world sensation. Albert Einstein once mentioned how astonished he was by their ingenious solution.

a year after his death. After Hugo Doneau’s more thorough but less consistent Commentarii iuris civilis (1589), the work was the first of this type of pan-European significance. It was to become one of the principal sources of the ancien droit on which the Napoleonic Code was later founded.

Together with 158 other Armenian intellectuals, he was arrested in 1908 and after spending half a year in Tiflis’ Metekha prison (just like Hovhannes Tumanyan), he was freed on bail. Staying in the Caucasus was no longer possible, and by 1911 Isahakyan had emigrated.

… years of age. The religious sacrament of marriage was not performed until a year later on July 12, 1637. However, according to the contract drawn the year prior, the couple would only be allowed non-conjugal visits for the next two years.

… 2nd year right to the 3rd year, and graduated with Bachelor’s degree in History in 1950. In 1951-1952, he finished his doctoral studies receiving Ph.D. in History from Moscow State University within a year and a half. At age 36, he was the…

Todorović practiced karate for a year before shes started with volleyball at the age of seven in Belgrade. Playing with University High School, Todorović was All-City every year, including CIF championship in her first year, All-City Most…

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