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… in Turn 9, but he slowed to let Andretti by because of the local yellow (overtaking is illegal in a yellow zone). Jacques Villeneuve had the proper momentum to pass both of them, and after a touch with Andretti in Turn 1, he took off and won…

Zygaena erythrus has a wingspan of 25-33 mm. These quite large moths show enlarged and confluent red spots on the forewings, surrounded by black in the distal part. Females are little bigger than males, with a yellow golden dusting and less defined markings. The mature larva is rather dark greyish, with two series of dorsal black spots.

… obsession with automobiles and Porsches in particular. In High School, Zwart worked as a veterinary assistant in order to save enough money to eventually purchase a yellow Porsche 914/6. In 1997 he ran that same 914/6 in the 10,000 mile, 25…

Zuroddo This robotic monster appeared in episode 30. Its powers include flight, head missiles, a yellow laser from the eye on its torso, a flamethrower in the head, a cannonball on a chain for each hand, separation at the waist, and can use its lower half as a buzzsaw.

Zoron: Brother of Zefren, and member of team Magma Dragon Fire. His scales are of a yellow color.

… tracked versions. Also offered was a yellow P&H excavator loader, which appeared very similar to the O&K machines. A couple of tractors – an orange and gray Fiat 550, and a Deutz Series 06 were also offered in bright card boxes with photos of the tractors on the sides.

… nature of the ion confirms its dimeric structure. The first zinc(I) compound containing the Zn-Zn bond, (η5-C5Me5)2Zn2, is also the first dimetallocene. The Zn22+ ion rapidly disproportionates into zinc metal and zinc(II), and has been obtained only a yellow glass only by cooling a solution of metallic zinc in molten ZnCl2.

Ziggy is a yellow lizard with a Cockney accent. He has a sister whom he mentions and has a nephew and niece named Drew and Sue who later hatch from their eggs.

Zhao Hong Hua (趙.紅華) – an Asian female martial artist, proficient with mystic arts. Although small compared to the other characters, she is the most agile. Her element is fire. Hong Hua sometimes dons a yellow oriental robe when traveling.

Zhang Mancheng (died 184) was a Yellow Turban rebel general during the late Han Dynasty period of Chinese history. He killed Chu Gong, the prefect of Nanyang, and occupied the city. He was slain by Qin Jie, who succeeded Chu as prefect of Nanyang.

Zhang Liang (died 184) was a Yellow Turban rebel leader during the late Han Dynasty period of Chinese history. He was a younger brother of Zhang Jue and Zhang Bao, the other two key leaders of the rebellion. He was said to be an able…

… symbol of the coming change and later, when the followers of Zhang Jue went to battle they wore a yellow cloth bound about their heads as a badge. From this there came the term Yellow Turbans.

Zhang Bao (died 184) was a Yellow Turban rebel leader during the late Han Dynasty period of Chinese history. He was a younger brother of Zhang Jiao and older brother of Zhang Liang, the other two key leaders of the rebellion. He was the proclaimed General of Land according to Zhang Jiao’s doctrine.

Zeuxine strateumatica is a perennial herb up to 25 cm tall. Leaves are linear or narrowly lanceolate, up to 9 cm long. Flowers are borne in an erect panicle of as many as 50 flowers, each white with a yellow lip.

Australis lies further to the west, a yellow giant of spectral type G8III and apparent magnitude 4.62. Corona Australis harbours RX J1856.5-3754, an isolated neutron star that is thought to lie 140 (±40) parsecs, or 460 (±130) light years, away, with a diameter of 14 km. It was once suspected to be a strange star, but this has been discounted.

Zeta Capricorni, (ζ Cap, ζ Capricorni), is a fourth-magnitude star in the constellation Capricornus. ζ Capricorni is a binary star, with the primary component ζ Capricorni A being a yellow G-type giant with an apparent magnitude of +3.77.

Zeta Cancri C is the brighter of the two components, having an apparent magnitude of +6.12. It appears to be a yellow G-type star, often reported as G5V, but now thought to be earlier, probably G0V. This star has around 1.15 solar masses.

Sar for Pavel Pogrebnyak to head in on the line. Paul Scholes picked up a yellow card shortly after the game had restarted, but the half-time whistle soon followed and Zenit went in on top.

… the female, being sometimes absent. The underside white, the forewing having a yellow apex and a black median spot, the hindwing being greenish yellow, with white spots. Specimens in which these spots are prevalent belong to ab. tschudica…

… 0.6 – 1 m tall, with large clumps of broad, arrow shaped dark green leaves up to 45 cm long. The inflorescences are large and are produced in spring, summer and autumn, with a pure white spathe up to 25 cm and a yellow spadix up to 90 mm long. The spadix produces a faint, sweet fragrance.

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