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…Špela Rozin (born 31 January 1943) is a Slovenian actress that became famous in the cinema of Yugoslavia. Her breakout role was the lead role in the film Strange Girl that became a cult classic because of the modern portrait of a young woman. Špela…

…Éponine is also featured in the stage musical Les Misérables. She is played by two actors, a young girl for Young Éponine in the Montfermeil scenes, and by a young woman for the adolescent Éponine in the later Parisian scenes. Actresses…

… identity of a young woman without name, origin and language skills, and the identity of a young psychiatrist who takes care of this young woman and gradually realises that his own identity is based on the soil of this mysterious lake, and on the identity of the growing number of dead people, who were all taken from their home village Marmorera.

… displayed a distinctly refined setting. Zucca spent her teenage years in a convent school in Florence and, as a young woman, had worked in the family business.

young woman carrying Zeus’ child, thus entering dangerous situations, the first one being of Hera aiming to punish her for sleeping with her husband. Wonder Woman takes Zola under her protection and tries to fight off forces that might try to harm her or her baby.

Zofia Romer (February 16, 1885 – August 23, 1972), née Zofia Dembowska was a Polish painter. She was born in 1885 in Estonia to well-known physician Tadeusz Dembowski and his wife Matylda. She grew up in Lithuania and Poland studying under various painters. As a young woman she was romantically linked with Bronisław Malinowski and Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz.

… inside, O’Brian turns up again. O’Brian wants a share of what they have found. In the tool box is the journal of a young woman called Anoushka from Archangel, who was selected to work for high-ranking communist party officials in Moscow.

Ziegfeld tries to make a star out of Audrey Dane, who is plagued with alcoholism, and he lures Fanny Brice away from vaudeville, showering both with lavish gifts. He gives stagehand Ray Bolger his break as well. Mary Lou, now a young woman, visits Ziegfeld, who doesn’t recognize her initially, and hires her as a dancer.

Ziauddin Yousafzai (born 1969) Shangla, Pakistan is a Pakistani diplomat best known as the father of Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, a young woman who protested against the Taliban for the education rights of girls, especially for…

… cult from infiltrating China. During a battle against the cult, Zhuo Yihang meets a young woman called Lian Nichang and falls in love with her. She is an orphan and was raised by wolves as an infant before being adopted by Ji Wushuang, the…

Zhenitba (Женитьба, Zhenit’ba, Marriage) is an unfinished opera begun in 1868 by Modest Mussorgsky to his own libretto based on Nikolai Gogol’s comedy Marriage. This 1842 play is a satire of courtship and cowardice, which centres on a young woman, Agafya, who is wooed by four bachelors, each with his own idiosyncrasies.

Zhao Tao as Tao, the film’s heroine, a young woman and a performer at the Beijing World Park.

Zhang Xiao (Cecilia Liu), a young woman from the 21st century, suffers a near-fatal accident that sends her back in time to the Qing Dynasty during the Kangxi Emperor’s (Damian Lau) reign. She finds herself trapped in the body of one of…

Zhang Jingchu as Gao Weihong, sister; a young woman who wishes to join the local paratrooper unit of the People’s Liberation Army.

Zenabel was a 1969 film directed by Ruggero Deodato. The film is set in 1627 and is about a young woman named Zenabel (Lucretia Love) who find out that she is the daughter of a Duke who was killed by the Spanish Baron Imolne. Zenabel gather a group of women to lead them to fight against Imolne to exact revenge.

Zelda Tinska as Irena (Series 3): A young woman brought into the country illegally with her two brothers and several others. She is separated from her brothers by Mickey Startup who wants her to work in his brothel. She escapes to search for her brothers who are working on the demotion of the bridge.

… trouble by inventing a fictitious relationship with Paul Millington, Zara set her sights on Brian Drake. She became a Goth and won his heart, only later to lose him to Steph and then Lisa Hunter. Zara then began to grow up into a young woman, but…

… line between the borders of British India and Nepal. He landed in Nepal and started the inspection from the eastern state of Nepal to all the way in the west. While he was in Bardiya, he married a young woman and the princess of the princely state of Bardia.

Zakharov, who she later married and began a family with. As a young woman, she juggled her family commitments with a number of jobs, working as a market research interviewer, clerk, waitress, mail officer, psychiatric nurse, and pathology assistant. She also continued to be politically active, being involved in the local branch of the Australian Labor Party.

Yōko is a young woman who is forced into prostitution by a yakuza gang. She repeatedly escapes from the gang, and is repeatedly captured, and repeatedly tortured at length.

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