WriteBetter’s first public talk: Andrés Bello University opened its doors to meet us

For the very first time, a Chilean university opened its doors to know everything about a new language learning approach: the Data-driven learning. This is the linguistic principle behind our amazing writing assistant WriteBetter. We were honoured to present our software to the authorities, teachers, students of the English teaching programme of this university, who showed interest in knowing more about this tool and were eager to try it at home!

The first part of this presentation was a detailed explanation of the linguistic foundations of the software; then, Daniela – the founder of WriteBetter – showed how to use the software and how users can interact with it. At the end of the talk, there was room for feedback and questions. This instance was a great booster for us, as we received many positive comments and some interesting suggestions. One of the most significant comments was “¡eso era lo que necesitaba en mi vida!” (that’s what I needed in my life!). Undoubtedly, this kind of comments is what encourages us to keep working and always be better.

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